APC demands resignation of Anambra Information Commissioner

All Progressive Congress congratulates Anambra State Commissioner for Information, Tourism and Culture, Mr Joe Martins Uzodike on his appointment as the Campaign manager for a factional candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Mr Willie Obiano.
What this means is that Mr. Uzodike should resign with immediate effect as Commissioner as he would face a conflict of interest if he continues in office.
Indeed the conflict started yesterday when Uzodike, on a day Mr Obiano claimed to have flagged off his campaign in a government facility in Awka, moved his agents into the field in agreement with Governor Obi and used hoodlums to bring down the posters and bill boards erected by the APC candidate, Senator Dr Chris Ngige, even when he had fully paid his fees.
Ngige had completely paid his N1million through to ANAMBRA STATE SIGNAGE & ADVERTISEMENT AGENCY (controlled by Uzodike’s ministry) through Account No 5030003844 of FIDELITY BANK PLC on August 29, 2013.
But, Uzodike shamelessly made claims to the contrary, when he knows the truth.
Why then did he tell Senator Ngige yesterday that he did not know anything about the billboards being destroyed when he protested the barbaric action of government, significantly executed with thugs and miscreants? We had no way of confirming at the time that the wilful destruction of his billboards, was serving the interest of Uzodike’s hand-picked and imposed factional candidate.
We are forced to ask if government needs thugs to bring down bill boards and if the election material should be destroyed beyond use? Everyone understands that the scenario is not ordinary.
We also  need to quickly  remind Uzodike , who we cannot decipher is he is speaking for Anambra State public interest for Obiano that APC is not one of the parties that commercialised our primaries by asking people to pay  N11-12 million.
Such is found in APGA (N12 million) and PDP (11million) all monies that could have been applied to the accreditation of schools that have now lost 20 courses in Anambra State University Igbariam and Uli.
Yet the payment of these jumbo amounts has neither created peace nor ONE candidate in either of the two political parties.
However, we are convinced that government policies, particularly the ones bordering on revenue generation are not strictly speaking targeted at the ability of individuals to pay certain sums, but are placed on proper benchmarks and reflected in the budget of the State.
While we insist that our candidate is being victimised by intestered parties in government who do not know here to draw the line, we ask Mr Uzodike, just before resigning, to outline the budget head under which he expects a candidate of the big and small parties in Anambra State to pay him 20 million on the average for taking the message that will sweep out an inept and tottering government out of power.
For avoidance of doubt, this statement is without prejudice to other actions within his rights being considered by our popular candidate in the November 16, 2013 gubernatorial race, Senator Dr.Chris Ngige.
Okelo Madukaife
For:  All Progressive Congress (ACN +ANPP+CPC+DPP +APGA)
September 18, 2013


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