Anambra APC Chair To Emerge Through Harmonization



In what promises to be our final comment on this subject, All Progressive Congress (APC), Anambra Chapter restates that there is no crisis in the Anambra State chapter of our great mega party and reassures all that all such dreams by opposing interests will not gain ground.

We re-confirm in line with a statement earlier issued by the combined executive of the three legacy parties in APC- ACN, CPC and ANPP, that the Interim National Executive Committee of our party which initially proposed congresses for the Anambra State structures between August 24 and 28 2013, later modified he decision and set up harmonisation committees to choose the leadership of the State chapter through a harmonisation of the three executives.

Hence the Interim National Committee through the National Vice Chairman (South East) of our party duly informed INEC about the deferment of the Congress.

As a chapter, we are therefore awaiting the commencement of work for the Harmonisation Committee with respect to Anambra State who will choose one officer from many such, carried over in the component parties.

The Chairman and Secretaries in the Component parties have issued as statement t clarify this position. We stand firmly by that statement.

Therefore, anyone outside this fold does not represent the party in the society in anyway capacity whatsoever, let alone as State Chairman. All genuine State Chairman work with recognised executives.

Credible media outlets are hereby invited to carefully desist from identifying such such title awards in own struggle-earned name.

For the avoidance of any remaining scintilla of doubt, the State Chairman emeritus of the ACN.Pastor CC Nnoli, Acting State Chairman of ANPP at the time pf APC registration. While CPC whose chairman Chuba Ikpwaezu voluntarily joined a governorship aspirant in a small party outside the APC fold has also appointed an arrowhead, pending harmonisation.

These three currently co-chair all combined executive session which discharges all skeletal duties intended to avert any vacuum, without rancour.

Any arrangement that that throws up any person laying theatrical claim to the leadership of our party in the chapter amounts to court jesting with internal and external stage managers , and our party which surmounted 13 hurdles to get registered do not lack proper will and methods to scale these contrived distractions.

In the circumstance, anyone who in the time being claims to be the chairman of APC in Anambra State should be ignored by the media and all members of the public, as the Harmonisation committee is yet to complete its assignment of leading the chapter to choose a State Chairman.


Okelo Madukaife

For: All Progressive Congress, APC (ACN+ANPP+CPC+DPP+APGA)

Anambra State.




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