Ifeanyi Uba Hits New Trouble in Labor Party

Ifeanyi Uba
Ifeanyi Uba

The upcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra may have begun exhibiting traits characteristic of previous elections held in Anambra State since the creation of the modern Anambra State.

Information available to 247ureports.com obtained through competent sources within the political circles in Awka, the capital of Anambra State – indicate that the recent abandonment of the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] party for the Labor Party by the shady oil mogul – Chief Ifeanyi Uba – as the party banner with which he intends to contest for the 2014 Anambra gubernatorial election may have hit troubled waters.

Available information indicated that the oil mogul’s declaration for the political party may have not been welcomed by the ‘movers and shakers’ within the party. The lone member of the Anambra State House of Assembly who was elected under banner of the Labor Party, Honorable Emeka Anohu representing a constituency in Ihiala was said to have boycotted the declaration of Ifeanyi Uba into the party. He charged that the State Chairman of the party, Sam Oraegbunam had reached an unholy agreement with the shady oil mogul for an automatic ticket for the gubernatorial race.

As gathered, Ifeanyi Uba had approached the party leadership in Abuja through the national chairman, Dan Iwuanyawu concerning his interest to join the party – in order to side-step the ongoing turmoil within the APGA between the national chairman of the party, Chief Victor Umeh and the governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi. Sources indicate that Ifeanyi Uba may have reached financial understanding with some members of the national executives of the party – in return for an automatic ticket for the gubernatorial race. But the State Chairman of Labor when contact by 247ureports.com quickly discarded the allegation of possible financial inducement in return for the said automatic ticket. In his words, “Yes, there will be primaries – free and fair primary for all aspirants”.

But the State Chairman continued to contradict his earlier statement in a text message sent to our Awka correspondent – where he stated that the party will work to deliver Ifeanyi Uba at the polls in November 2013. His words, “the national vice chairman was at Awka to receive him. The Party leadership at all levels is solidly behind him and will work to deliver him come November”.

Already, talks of another emerging faction of the Labor Party have become making rounds among the party stakeholders. Honorable Emeka Anohu who had been the sole financier of the Labor Party – before the emergence of Ifeanyi Uba into the party – is said to be in talks with aggrieved members of the party – who consider the likely emergence of Ifeanyi Uba as an aberration of ‘transparency and democratic justice’.  In Emeka Anohu’s take, Ifeanyi Uba “is not a credible candidate for the party”.

Sources close to Honorable Emeka Anohu indicate that the Anambra lawmaker may not be protesting against the possible emergence of Ifeanyi Uba for reasons that may not be without a hidden agenda. Honorable Emeka Anohu, according to available information, is said to have been approached by a wealthy oil mogul from the Ihiala constituency – and he may have promised the oil mogul the gubernatorial ticket.

Meanwhile, a new twist over Ifeanyi Uba’s squabbles with the federal agencies – appear possibly on the offing. This is judging from a recent visit by Ifeanyi Uba to the home of Arthur Eze concerning his legal troubles. According to a source that was present at the said visit, Ifeanyi Uba had gone to plead with Arthur Eze to help reach to Mr. President to tamper down on the pending case and/or investigation against his business activity. According to the source, “he is afraid of being jailed”.



  1. we are not all fools, go and tell this bunkum to the marines! It is important for us all to remember that we are all Anambrarians and no matter how far we go to destroy one another, in the name of politics, we will all still live together. It is getting clearer that billions of money had been invested in this war to destyroy Ifeanyi Uba. Who is Emeka Anohu? The so called Ihiala oil baron, can any single Anambrarian point to anything as his means of livelihood apart from Company names that exist on paper! Enough of all this rubbish just to taint and destroy one man just because he is exercising his due rights!

  2. There is no need for all this speculation. Let due process take place instead of heating up the polity with unfounded conspiracy theories. There is no evidence to back up any of these speculations


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