Elijah Issues “7 Day One Man Suicide Mission” Ultimatum to Gov Dickson


The victim
The victim

An Otuan born multi-talented dreadlocks Rastaman, Mr. Penticost  Pere Elijah has issued seven Days Ultimatum to Bayelsa state commissioner of Health, to produce his medical files for the approval of the state governor, Chief Seriake Dickson to facilitate his medical treatment for Overseas.

He declared this on a document made available to newsmen in Yenagoa, ordering the state government to bring all fraud stars that have enriched themselves in the past, at the expense of his predicament to book, stressing that if government fails press such demand, he will take the law into his hands.

He vowed to employ forces and hefty weapons to fight with his last drop of blood is shed on the cause, while enjoin all well meaning and God fearing Bayelsans and Nigerians to fight in solidarity for his right and life in the society.

The predicament occurred since 1989 which became virtually incapacitated after suffering from acid bath, following a mere quarrel over a soup affair with one Mr. Godwin Angolo, which they were living together at No. 8, Turner Eradiri Street, Ojo Road, Lagos.

He said the gruesome acid bath has caused severe skin burns resulting to facial and bodily deformations and contradictions, in which the right ear melted off, and other parts of his body deforms with 43% burns.

It further said past administrations had approved some colossal amount of money for the medical treatment but diverted them with sympathy.

He said the ministry of Health want to play the same old game to divert the fund done by the previous commissioners of health in the state.

Some part of the statement reads, “The Bayelsa state Ministry of Health and all other key actors behind this act, be compelled to immediately produce the file and forward it for the Governor’s approval.

“Failure to meet the above demand shall attract my anger and furiously, I shall be automatically permitted by law to take the laws into my hands and squeeze it and I shall tall above the laws.

“I shall employ all the forces and weapons of death, trouble and war, in a one mane suicide mission and “IF I DIE I DIE”. Law and order will be broken. I shall go violent and fight on till the last drop of my blood is shed.

“Note, if the Nigeria Police should arrest me, then I shall proceed on an indefinite ‘Hunger Strike action’ I shall eat no food on till I commit myself to death”, it said.

On the memo signed by the Commissioner of Health, Dr. Anapurere Michael Awoli, said past administration has made several attempts promises given Mr. Elijah a new lease of life but to prove abortive.

It said that Dr. Awoli sought for the sum of $95,000 USD (15,010,000.00) fifteen million ten thousand naira only which will cover his bills for the medical treatment, adding that up till nothing has been done to that effect.



  1. This is evil!!! for some one to have done this to his fellow brother and the state government is not helping matters to sustain the good living standard of the victim. It is EVIL indeed.

  2. Let evil follow the person that must have committed this act to this gentle man. Why are we sworn to be evil to our fellow brother. What was the offense that warrant this action? Evil shall not depart from their home to those that have done this. Please, let the Bayelsa State government without time waste take this man (victim) to India for medical treatment.


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