Obaze commences formal explorator​y talks on the Anambra 2014 gubernator​ial candidacy

 “We need to sustain the political, economic and developmental and peace and security gains of the past seven and a half years. Under H.E. Gov Peter Obi, we have recorded great achievements in the education, poverty reduction, road and industrial infrastructure and other core MDG sectors, thus making Anambra the investors’ destination of choice. However, we need to tackle IGR and unemployment  more assertively — and to do so, we need the unfettered continuity and the leveraging of Gov. Peter Obi’s grand vision for Anambra State….it is time to move Anambra from Good to Great……..” – Oseloka Obaze, SSG Anambra State

Mr.  Oseloka H. Obaze arrives at the State APGA Party HQ. Awka and is welcomed by Party Chairman Barrister Egwuoyibo Okoye.

Members of the Anambra State Party Excos listen with rapt attention to Obaze’s remarks



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