I’m Old Enough To Be Your Father, Jang Tells Amaechi


The factional leader of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) and Governor of Plateau state Governor, Jonah Jang, has said he is not quarrelling with Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State insisting that he is too old for such squabbles.

Speaking to journalist at the sideline of the dinner organised by President Goodluck Jonathan to celebrate his mid-term in office, Mr Jang said he is old enough to be Mr Amaechi’s father.

He said, “Amaechi is my younger brother, infact, I can say son because if you look at Amaechi’s age, I’m old enough to be his father.”

Ask to respond to Mr Amaechi’s statement that he polled 19 to defeat him at the NGF elections, Mr Jang said, “Well, that is his problem but I know that I am the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum.”

Mr Amaechi defeated Mr Jang of Plateau by 19 votes to 16 last month to re-emerge as the forum’s chairman. Mr Jang, alongside 15 other governors have since formed a parallel forum.

Jang is undemocratic

Mr Amaechi, who had earlier presided a brief meeting of 15 governors at the Rivers State Governor’s lodge, had referred to Mr Jang as ‘undemocratic’ for refusing to accept the result of the NGF election.

Also speaking to reporters at the presidential dinner party, the Rivers State governor said, “Anybody who support him, including the television house is undemocratic.

“I have said it in a statement that at any point in time, we can’t accept 19 governors against 16, then we are afraid of 2015.”

Asked if he was suspended from his political party – the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) – for refusing to step down for Governor Jang, Mr Amaechi said, “If the party is suspending me for that reason, then too bad; the party too must learn to be democratic.

“I’m not aware that the party has given any reason for suspending me but if they say this is the reason then it is too bad. The party is yet to give me any reason for my suspension, but if that’s the reason that means the party is undemocratic.”

Source: ChannelsTV



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