Group Urge First Lady To Intervene On Amaechi


From George Oraeki

A Niger Delta group known as Torukongo foundation based in Abuja and the Northern Patriotic front (NPF),rising from an emergency meeting in Abuja at the weekend urged the mother of the Nation and the first lady Federal Republic of Nigeria Dame patience Jonathan to mediate peace in the current wranglings bedevilling Governor Rotimi Amaechi,the Row,controversy in the Nigerian governors forum,Impeachment,threat,and his suspension from the peoples Democratic party (PDP).

In a statement signed by chief John Ochi on behalf of okirika fishing communities in Rivers state,who is also the president of Torukongo foundation and Alhaji Ali Abacha,the National cordinator Northern patriotic front (NPF) appealed to the mother of the Nation Dame patience Jonathan who presented Gov. Rotimi Amaechi to Rivers people in 2011 to broker peace between Gov.Rotimi Amaechi and Mr.President and other gladiators in the Impasse.
In his words “I witnessed when the first lady single handedly brought Gov.Rotimi Amaechi and Introduced him,supporting all his campaigns as governor,and if for any reason the torrents of water is acclaimed to be very harsh the alternative is adjustable.”

Chief John Ochi contended that a child could be smacked with the right and drawn with the left hand an african adage should urgently be applied on the case of governor Rotimi Amaechi.
Chief John ochi explained that the clamour,and the clarion call to save Gov.Rotimi Amaechi is predicated on his performance in governance since 2007 he took over the saddle of leadership of Rivers state.His developmental strides cannot be equated with none since the creation of Rivers state in 1968.
chief John ochi opined that Gov.Rotimi Amaechi has done creditably well than his predecessors under a democratically elected could be recalled that many governors that governed R ivers state came only for their pockets apart from the first military governor of the state who is a son of the soil.
Chief John Ochi who outlined the real issues with Gov. Rotimi Amaechi to be outright negligence to constituted authority,his forgetfulness to those who mearnt well for him,his initial partners in politics who suffered for him in 2011 elections were thrown out and regarded as beggars in the scheme of things.
Chief John ochi who scored Gov.Rotimi Amaechi 62 percent in terms of Infrastructural development in the twenty three local government areas of Rivers state said he and his group,the fishermen of okrika and the Niger Delta are elated that there is a new look in Infrastructures in the local government of Rivers state where teeming populace resides.
Such are the primary health centre,primary state schools,state federal road projects done,higher Institutions,good sanitary conditions,electricity are now better upgraded than before while both the much discussed Insecurity within the motor parks have been given adequate security in Rivers state.
chief John ochi who is the crowned prince of okrikaland also appealed to the government of Rivers state to work harder for uninterupted power supply in okrika as the closest host community to the first premier Refinery of port harcourt with its Jetty for export of oil and fertilizers.
He commended the Rivers state governor Gov.Rotimi Amaechi who maintained tranquility in securing the people of Rivers state urged that adequate review of the local surveillance capable of stamping out cultism in the textiary institutions in Rivers state,enabling environment for investors is highly needed.
therefore the Torukongo of okrika fishing communities and the northern patriotic front(NPF)the duo organizations partnering and working together for the progress of the Northern and Southern Nigeria towards promotion of peace,unity of purpose and to ensure the corporate existence of Nigeria urge the mother of the Nation Dame patience Jonathan to kindly assist in rescinding the decision of the peoples Democratic Party (PDP)forgiving Gov.Rotimi




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