Catholic Priest Warns Husband Snatchers, Decries Victimization of Nigerian Widows, PFN Prays against False labourers

By Obinna Akukwe
Women who specialize in snatching the husbands of others have been warned to desist from such acts or face the wrath of God. This was contained in the sermon delivered by Rev Fr Titus Imojeme  at Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA) Port Harcourt yesterday. The priest who belongs to Makurdi Diocese, decried a recurrent situation whereby young girls and ladies have colonized some men to the detriment of their wives, sapping the best out of them while the legitimate spouses are turned to circumstantial widows.  He warned the parishioners to desist from such acts as God will soon hear the cry of the oppressed woman and descend on the husband snatchers with heavenly wrath.
Rev Fr Imojime also condemned Christians who follows pagans in oppressing widows after the demise of their husbands. He stressed that Christians should not follow in enforcing cultures inimical to the scriptures. He cited examples whereby at the sudden death of husbands, the brothers and relatives of the deceased would disinherit the wife and children and take over their properties. He warned the congregation that anyone of them involved in such acts and have collected properties of widows should return such immediately and do proper restitution to avoid the wrath of God.
 Imojeme explained that Jesus Christ loved the Widow of Nain and as such resurrected her only son back to life according to Luke 17 vs 11-17 and asked Christians to always assist widows. He ended the liturgy of the word by singing from one of Michael Jackson’s song, ’ Heal The World’ and asked the parishioners to ‘’live and let others live’’ to thunderous applause from the congregants. He was assisted in the Mass by Rev Fr Jacob Anioke and Rev Fr Patrick Ajayi.
In a similar vein a Pentecostal pastor have warned Christians to beware of false labourers who have sneaked into the body of Christ to destroy the congregation. Speaking during the prayer sessions of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) organized Pentecost Sunday at Grace Cathedral, Enugu, Evangelist Ralph Avoaja of Salvation Ministries cited the recent example of a prophet whose church is sited at Agbani Road who collected N2Million naira from a woman to deliver her from husband snatchers and save her marriage. The woman brought the money and the husband came back from Europe and still threw the woman out of her matrimonial home.
Avoaja asked the pastors gathered at the event from different churches to pray against false labourers who have penetrated the fold and asked God to recharge the church with true labourers according to Jesus’s injunction of Mathew 9 vs 38 that we should ”ask the Lord of the Harvest to send labourers to the vineyard”.
Bishop Obi Onubogu, Rev Obinna Akukwe, Apostle Dr Uzodike are among  cross section of church leaders who graced the occasion with special sessions dedicated to prayers for the church of God worldwide and revival of the churches.

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