Anambra Lawmaker, Tony One-Week To Face Recall



A vote of no confidence was on Sunday passed on a member of the Anambra state House of Assembly, Mr Tony One-Week Muonagor, representing Idemili North Constituency, by his constituents for non performance.

The constituents, under the aegis of Nzuko Imeobi Idemili, made up mainly  of 17 communities at home and in the diaspora that constitute the Idemili Federal constituency met at Ogidi, the headquarters of Idemili North LGA observed that the lawmaker simply disappeared after getting their votes in 2011.

The body in its three point resolution at the Ogidi meeting disclosed that as visible and widespread as the membership of the body has been, many hardly know Muonagor as he remains aloof to their collective needs. They accused him of not representing them, “because he is not just representing us, but himself”, they noted. They disclosed that if every attempt to get things improved fails, Mr Muonagor could be withdrawn.

They resolved to invite him for discussion, because he has done nothing for the area ever since. To go a step further, the constituents vowed to reach out to Gov Peter Obi to ascertain why no democracy dividend has reached the area for so long. As a result they insisted that they would henceforth screen any political office seeker from the area, and make input in the choice and selection henceforth.

However, when the lawmaker was contacted, he said he doubted if anyone from the area would say such about him or his party, the Action Congress of Nigeria.

While inaugurating the national and council area officers, the national leader of the organization, High Chief Obiorah Okonkwo charged them to reach out to sons and daughters of the area globally. He noted that the body urgently needs synergy to work towards developing and uplifting the living standard of the people of the area. And that they need mass mobilization, and as many members as possible in positions of authority with all technical administrative know-how. That such persons would be accorded due recognition as role models for the upcoming generations.

He acknowledged it was not going to be so easy, but that with commitment and dedication driven by the will to excel, they would succeed.

The Corpoorate Affairs Commission, according to him had already granted them formal registration as a legitimate multi-faceted socio-political organization. That it was also aimed at unifying the needs and relationship of the two councils of Idemili North and South.

A 6-man tactical committee was then set up to articulate the priority needs and challenges of the area, pointing out that henceforth, and any political office seeker who comes over would negotiate on what amenities he/she would bring for the area, before they accept to give their support and mandate.




  1. LET THE MASSES OF IDEMILI NORTH JUDGE MY PERFORMANCE. For the past two years I have sponsored over twenty motions and two bills in the house of assembly covering the areas of road rehabilitatio, water, erosion etc affecting Ogidi, Nkpor, Umuoji, Ideani, Abatete, Eziowele, Abacha, Oraukwu, Uke and Obosi. (The facts can be gotten from the clerk of the house Mr Udoh). Because of my motions, Ugwumba rd, Eze Iweka rd, Eke Obosi to Eke Nkpor rd etc were constructed by my Gov Peter Obi. As an opposition party member, I have managed to attract a few projects like Ugwumba primary sch, Umuoji and rehabilitation of non functional boreholes scattered in Idemili north. MY CONSTITUENCY PROJECTS: 1. A motorized borehole at Nkpor. 2. Widows empowerment 2011. 3. Kick Malaria out of Idemili north Youth football competition 2011. 4. Micro credit scheme for indegent widows. 5. Yearly Idemili north traders unity cup. 6. Four classroom block @ Gbugheobi Primary sch, Makwum Obosi. 7. Provision of tables and chairs for Eziowele mkt women. This does not include facilitation of admissions into institutions of higher learning for ove 100 Idemili youths and supporting the needy constituents within the limits of my capacity. It is either the members of this group don’t live in Anambra state or don’t listen to radio, or don’t like the look of my face. But I bear them no grudge. Everybody will not like me. My duty is representing my constituents and I am rigorously doing that. To the group I say a big THANK YOU for giving me an opportunity to recount my verifiable achievements. Agbasia oso, agbakoo mile. Idemili north ga adi nma. Luke 1:37 is my faith.

  2. Hon Tony Oneweek Muonagor KSJI, Member representing the good people of Idemili north can be reached on 08033333009. Email:, Bbm: 29415F5A, Facebook: Hon Tony Oneweek Muonagor. ONE LOVE.

  3. This is laughable. Is nzuko imeobi now the mouth piece of ndi idemili. I can’t imagine a group of vampires coming together to determine and shape the destiny of the people,I am not holding brief for tony but the same imeobi voted against dia own son because of money,surely they will suffer,they should leave peter obi out of it

  4. @ Hon tony,looking critically on your reply,I realized that my Home town got nothing but table and chair for market women,that’s very good,that is most outstanding performance. Infact you are doing good job,a role worthy of emulation,keep it up my brother and I know u will go a second time. But it is worthy of note ththat u just insulted my. Home town. As for ndi imeobi,that is the container u ordered sodont be angry when u are clearing such goods. I have said it time and times again the people deserve the government thry get,yes we deserve tony,odedo and ngige ,why are we crying,tony u must finish ur tenure,just give them money as usual and they will shut up,though temporarily

  5. tony one week is doing a great job in anambra state……@ tony one week pls dont mind dem ur doing too good to us nxt election u will still b dere in u wanna b dere but I pray u move higher
    @Okonkwo Obioha ur just a jobless man @ ur age smh for u, y not go look for d winning team and @okose his tenure is still on, so u dont know yet. if ur villa is nxt,

  6. What I see here is just a group of people who are negative people,the facts are there for us all to see what Hon Tony one week Muonagor is doing,these things take a lot of time to get fast responses from the govt,but to my best knowlegde if the people can be honest with themsevles he has really put in an effort.
    It,s just to sad that we can’t come together to achieve a goal instead we are more concerned to material things which is positions wealth. EVen if there are people or a person eyeing this good personality,s office he should relax and give him his support until his tenure is up.This is what a good community should do for a leader which they freely electted. Rome was naot built in a day,well this is not new if the President of our natoin can get critics I’m not supprised at all these allegations to Mr tony one week.My HONOURABLE you are doing a great job continue with your good work and turn deaf ears to all these critics.Long live Anambra state LOng live the federal rep.of Naija.

  7. I am from Ideanii in idemili’s obvious these old men In the persons of Obiora Okonkwo and okwuosa are disgruntled men.all they want is to drag idemili down and destroy it.ss3 men r liars and evil doers. pls we voted for him and we d people of idemili north r not compl;aining.Okonkwo and okwuosa and ds so called nzuko imeobi
    should be ashamed of themselves.dont they have better things to do?.or are they afraid of ds Young man?WHO IS AFRAID OF TONY?.tony is in d opposition and he is doing d best he can within d limits of decency.I advice ds disgruntled men to get focused.take ur battle to peter Obi and leave tony alone for God is at him and you can’t bring him down. more than 300widows have received support from him .


  8. The honest truth is that u cannot please everybody at d same time. U can only do ur best, if u have a conscience. WHAT IS MY ROLE AS A LEGISLATOR? 1. Make Laws, 2. Represent my people and 3. Oversight govt. As at today, I have been VERY CONSISTENT in d discharge of my duties. For starters, Nzuko Imeobi is one of many groups in Idemili north and I won’t join issues with them or their rep. Surely, their negative publication was simply intended to tarnish my wonderful God given image. My people know me. The youths, widows and traders of Idemili north know me. So I am not worried one bit. I thank u Kosi for standing up for me. @9hukwuemeka: Nwannem, the chairs I donated to mkt women was a personal effort to identify with most of the elderly women there who usually rent tables. The Eziowele Abacha road was tarred because of my concerted efforts via motions and appeals to our governor. A legislator does not execute project but tells govt about areas of need in his constituency. Our pple always wrongly expect a legislator to do things like d executive. No. Our main job is to talk, talk and talk in d plenary, and have I done that? The records are there for all to see. Did u hear my two most recent motions on THE 148 STAFF OF ABS who were removed illegally? Also the one on ANAMBRA FIRE SERVICE? I also moved that Anambra state university be named CHINUA ACHEBE UNIVERSITY. Haba. Its obvious that like in most other associations, there are sworn enemies of progress in the Nzuko Imeobi. I am happy for d saying “u are nobody unless people talk about u”. “From writing to acting, from acting to singing, from singing to politician…, Tony, Onye mkpocha Idemili”. On this note I say GOD BLESS THE GOOD PEOPLE OF IDEMILI NORTH. To all my enemies in Nzuko imeobi “HOLY GHOOOOOOOST!………”

  9. Hon.Tony muonagor.i salute from Abatete.i commend u frm ur good works.i saw u in my village lastyr august when u visited d home of Hon.uche ilobi.i believe ur God sent.kip it up.senator chris ngige’s party cnt b a failure in idemili.we are wit u.dnt mind those democracy,d minority wil always talk coz d constitution allows them to talk bt d majority wil always hv their way.we are wit u sir.


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