Iran’s military keeps 24/7 vigil on threats, ready to react: Top cmdr.

parade by Iran’s Armed Forces
parade by Iran’s Armed Forces
A senior Iranian commander says the country’s Armed Forces are keeping a watchful eye on all potential threats, and are ready to counter any moves against the Islamic Republic.

Iran’s military is fully prepared to defend the country, said Commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan on Thursday.

“One of the activities of the Armed Forces is to fully monitor threats. We monitor all threats 24/7 and carry out necessary measures through experts and we will counter [threats] if need be,” he said.

After failing to accomplish their geopolitical objectives, hegemonic powers have now come to western Asia and northern Africa with geo-economic goals, said the top commander.
It would be naïve to think that the enemies have only adopted ‘hard war’ tactics in their confrontation against Iran, Pourdastan said, adding that the enemies have changed tack in the region following their failures and put ‘soft war’ on their agenda.
On Sunday, the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces unveiled a new indigenous simulator for the Bell 214 helicopter, presenting the forces’ latest achievement in the simulation field. This came after the forces unveiled a new indigenous T-72 Tank simulator on April 20.
Over the past years, Iran has made important breakthroughs in its defense sector and attained self-sufficiency in producing important military equipment and systems.
The Islamic Republic has repeatedly assured other nations, especially its neighbors, that its military might poses no threat to other countries, stating that its defense doctrine is based on deterrence.



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