As Anambra celebrates May Day, Gov. Obi says government​-labour relations must be symbiotic



Anambra celebrated May Day with the rest of Nigeria amidst many challenges confronting the nation.  Issues raised by labour leaders in their speeches included job security, unemployment, and general insecurity across the country.

SSG Oseloka Obaze, who represented Gov. Peter Obi, remarked that  the “gathering here today, speaks to the positive and good relations, between the Peter Obi administration and the Labour Unions in Anambra. Acceptably, it is not a perfect relationship; but it is a working and cordial relationship, which underlines the symbiotic relations between Government and Labour. That symbiosis remains imperative……. comparatively, the cooperation between the Anambra State Government and Labour Unions here has been assessed as better than those prevalent in many other states. Nonetheless, there are clear obligations on the part of government and on the part of Labour. Both sides must do its part, thus ensuring cooperation and sustaining the bond of performance between the Government and Labour.

SSG Obaze  acknowledged the catalogue of issues, challenges and complaints tabled before the Governor. “Government is aware of most of them and is working diligently to resolve them, sometimes behind the scene…..The Anambra State Government (ANSG) is committed to frugal management of its lean resources, but without sacrificing its priority policies and unmet needs of the population. Addressing the multidimensional challenges we face, requires a studied and evolving process, for the responses to be concrete and sustainable. That has been our approach.”  Obaze confirmed that the “question of the staffing of the various State Commissions will be resolved this month” and noted that “Anambra was attracting more foreign investors as a means of tackling unemployment.” He called on the labour unions to “rise to its role of generating wealth and sustaining good work ethics and productivity. Labour must not cast itself in the mold of Oliver Twist, which asks for more and more without any discernible returns or commitment to proactive partnership with the government.”

SSG Obaze took out time to chat with the leaders of Anambra indegenes who were involuntarily disengaged from the services of Abia State Government.
Unions should ff their pride and colors on the parade grounds….
SSG Obaze and the the labour leaders had the honor or being on the review stand
More union personnel on the parade grounds…
Unions’ salute to dignity in labour, enterprise and wealth creation….


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