Why President Jonathan Is Victimizing Me – Gov. Amaechi



Mr. Amaechi accused the presidency of scheming to remove him as chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum.

For maintaining strongly and publicly that the corruption in the petrol subsidy payments by the federal government must stop, President Goodluck Jonathan has decided to ostracize the Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, from some official programs, Mr. Amaechi has claimed.

Mr. Amaechi, the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF, stated that not only is there a crisis between himself and the presidency over petrol subsidy and other issues, the presidency’s reaction has been not only to blacklist him from some functions, but also scheming to remove him as chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum.

The Rivers Governor stated this on Saturday in Ikogosi Ekiti at a seminar organised by The Future Project.

Subsidy is criminal

Mr. Amaechi said the presidency was dissatisfied with his insistence as NGF chairman that complete transparency and accountability be brought to the payment of petrol subsidy.

He explained that the state governors were not opposed to fuel subsidy, but were frustrated “about the corruption in it.”

He also accused federal officials who supervise the payment of the subsidy regime of fraud, saying “they balloon the figures.”

The Rivers Governor said it was for this reason that the Governors Forum was in court to challenge the legality of the federal government’s action of using money meant for the three tiers of government (federal, state, and local government) to pay for petrol subsidy.

He questioned the sincerity in the federal government’s payment of the petrol subsidy saying “oil subsidy is criminal,” and alleged that the presidency was displeased with him for his stance.

“It is one reason they (the presidency) don’t want me as governor’s chairman,” Mr. Amaechi stated.

PREMIUM TIMES had reported on how the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party and the presidency tried to engineer Mr. Amaechi’s exit as chairman of the governors’ forum; eventually leading to the formation of the PDP Governors Forum headed by another PDP governor, Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom.

Mr. Amaechi’s tenure as NGF chairman comes to an end in May, although he is eligible for re-election.

The Rivers Governor is also said to be among the PDP governors opposed to Mr. Jonathan’s re-election plan in 2015.

Jonathan ostracizes me

The Rivers Governor continued with his criticisms of the presidency accusing it of deliberately sidelining him from functions.

Mr. Amaechi alleged that the presidency had stopped inviting him to join Mr. Jonathan’s entourage on official visits.

It is the norm in Nigeria that when the president is travelling for official functions outside the country, some governors, ministers, and top businessmen accompany him in order to use the opportunity to attract foreign investors to their domains.

Mr. Amaechi said the last time he was invited for such was a trip to Turkey before his recent disagreement  with President Goodluck Jonathan.

“That (the Turkey trip) is about the last trip. They don’t like taking me again to come with them,” he said.

The governor said many senior PDP and government officials had approached him to stop making public statements about the federal government’s (in)actions.

“Amaechi, don’t talk again now,” the governor quoted some advisers as telling him in order to return to Mr. Jonathan’s good books.

The Rivers Governor however said he was not disturbed by the president’s actions despite the fact that “when the president talks, everybody catches cold.”

Source; Premiumtimes



  1. Jonathan has not started with Amaechi yet. Amaechi’s unguided utterances will be his greatest undoing soon. All this noise will end when the EFcCC decides to look into the account of Rivers State.

    • I presume the President can now play God. This was a man who “had no shoes”. A man who democratic forces insisted on succeeding as the President after the death of his boss. A Vice who faced the tyranny from his bosses wife, AGF and some Core Northern Politicians. We forget so soon. Truely they say, never presume a man is humble until he tastes power.
      A poiser, what do you know for sure about tomorrow?

  2. Mr Amaech dnt worri i w always pray 4 u. Mr presidnt always has problem wit his brothers frm south south. bcos of presidnt jonathan selfish intrest 2 him 2 win 2015 election, he can nt fight corruption or let him start arrest dose pple dat sponsors boko haram, also killing innocent souls everyday, oga jona is busy their given amnesy nd pardon 2 his cabals may God help dis nation.

  3. this is quite unnecessary, the story of fuel subsidy is long gone, and the president has a right to pick who travels with him otherwise, his like will complain that he only travels with one person. Ameachi should find out if his citizens are satisfied with his insulting and arrogant opportunist attitude, he should confirm if he is not a moving fraud like ibori before pointing his fingers at others.
    meanwhile, in as much as he complains, that is what happens when a junior brother insults his senior, and meanwhile, he should drop his ego for God to lift him up, HE SHOULD REMEMBER WHO HE WAS YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And Atta, I presume you are either God or the messenger he speaks through! You should realise evil triuphs when the good do nothing. Does not matter if you are younger or older. Mediocrity such as you profess pulls Nigeria down even worse than corruption.

  4. Amaechi is one out of the two current serving governors i respect alot in nigeria ( rochas of imo as the second). i like his boldness and the confidence he has in his words, no matter the place or time he speaks the truth about issues in this country, and that is what every common nigerian wants. but as you can see, the presidency is full of liars, wicked and everyone of them is thief. so for that, they wont like a noble man like amaechi who is a true definition of democracy.

  5. Can any person on earth tells me or prove that mass nigerians are not living under one (1$) per day, Thank you very much Governor Amaechi for your Comment, and concern about that country. God bless.

  6. Hahahahahahaha, Who is ostracizing who? Can i hear that once more?. Was Amaechi blindfolded whn he was strongly supporting and crusading for the subsidy removal cum oil hike price claiming adamant of the implications on the citizenry? Damn them all.

  7. All is politics,them no who is who when money enter u people hand i won,t hear that,it when crisis open they wil post 4 us to read with hunger.fight but don,t touch hungry man oh beg oh.


  9. The case of Amechi and Oga Jona, is a clear case of a boss who dnt want to be told the truth. From the day Amechi became Gov of Rivers State I told my self this man who dnt bend the truth will have problems with other politicians. Amechi is the kind of leader Nigerian are praying for, a leader who will not cover nonsense, a man that is always straight to the point, he dnt believe in using English words to confuse is people. Oga Jona, should come down and learn form these people who were able to win the mind of the people, not fighting them. I know he has very bad advisers, look at delta state today, he was advise against the majority tribe, and he has engage them in a cold war, the advisers only want a ministerial appointment and can only get it from same senatorial zone with the govr when that zone has problem with Oga, the man did not remember the amount of vote gotten from that area during the election, 2morrow you say Niger Delta is fighting them self. Fight Amechi, put him in jail, even kill him, the people will still respect him he has don what no other person has don for Rivers State, that you can not change.. Tell Oga Jona to go and work and stop looking for enemies in Niger Delta.


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