How Gunmen Killed Four Policemen In Yobe, Stole Rifles- Police Commissioner



Gunmen in the early hours of Thursday, killed four policemen near their station in Babangida, headquarters of Tarmuwa Local Government Area in Yobe, the State Police Commissioner, Sanusi Rufai, said.

Mr. Rufai said that the policeman were attacked as they took guard behind the sand-bags which provided barriers at the entrance of the station.

He said five of the gunmen were, however, killed.

He said that although they failed in their plan to burn down the station, the gunmen carted away some rifles.

“The gunmen came around midnight trying to enter the police station with an intent to burn it down, but were resisted by the police.

“We lost four policemen and their rifles were carted away but the station was protected,” Mr. Rufai said.




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