Final Solution: De-Amalgamation And The Advantages of breaking up Nigeria



Frantz Fanon it was  who  said  that “every generation  must out of  relative obscurity discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it”.  In the aftermath of  the Kano terrorist attacks and the seven decades of  routine ethno-religious mass killings in the North, our generation must as Frantz Fanon said confront the unique mission of our time which must be fulfilled through the choice of freedom over slavery and  of self  determination over internal colonialism.


It  should be clear  to all and sundry that  the freak contraption known as  Nigeria is not sacred, it is purely and simply a British creation designed first and foremost  to service her imperial interests and not for the benefit of those who inhabit the geographical space. Given the history of Europe, which not surprisingly  is the bloodiest continent in human history with the 1st  and  2nd  world wars originating from Europe,  the later ending as recently as 1945 and  the many nationalist battles fought across many generations on ethnic lines including the recent ethnic conflicts in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia etc, the British knew they were creating in Nigeria, a tinderbox of contradictions and endless conflicts, but never bothered because the servicing of her imperial interests was more important than the cohesion or unity of their colonial subjects. To date the European Union has refused to let Muslim Turkey join the EU because they want to avoid creating religious contradictions within the European club.


Thus, those who argue to keep a nation that has failed exceptionally due to her contradictions are mentally lazy people who are afraid to take any challenges. They give all kinds of laughable excuses to keep a nation in a state of paralysis rather than trying something new. If a marriage is unworkable, unprogressive and violent, the simple solution is to get a divorce.  Nations are no different; if it is not working there should be a break-up.


Mental  laziness which manifests in a fear to try something new or take on daunting challenges is a phenomenon that has kept the black race in perpetual retrogression and slavery. While the white race and other races are willing to take on daunting challenges,  going to the moon and overcoming all kinds of formidable situations,  the black race is content to sing, dance and give all kinds of silly excuses why nothing can be done. Paralysed  by a fear of every challenge, the black race has remained to date the most unprogressive of all human species. It is this same mindset of a fear of something new, a fear of challenges that those who argue to keep a failed Nigeria exhibit. They prefer to remain in a nation that is a hopeless jungle of failure rather than take on challenges to chart their own destiny, they prefer to remain in  slavery rather than try freedom, they prefer to live under oppression rather than fight for their rights and dignity. Dr James David  Manning once said that the black race was found to be the most suitable for slavery because then as now are  always willing to accept any situation without a fight. This is the exactly the mindset that those who argue for one Nigeria exhibit.


There is no sane argument to keep Nigeria. It is a nation consumed by injustice, hatred, self destruction, it is also the most failed nation on earth incapable of providing  the most fundamental  right, which is the right  to life without which any other right cannot exist and of providing the basic essentials  such as electricity, pipe borne water etc. These are basic amenities that are taken for granted in the poorest African countries. In spite of being the 6th largest oil producer in the world and the largest in Africa, Nigeria imports fuel. There is no other nation on the face of the earth with this level of failure. It is a nation that dehumanises her  citizens and strips them of every human dignity. A nation that makes animals out of men.  A nation that is at best a human zoo.  There is a reason why Nigeria has failed so exceptionally and it is her irreconcilable contradictions.


Any careful observer  will realise that “one Nigeria” has always been a scam which even the loudest advocates do not believe in. It’s only been a convenient ploy to loot the nation. The so called one Nigeria leaders have contributed more to the destruction of Nigeria than anyone else. In anticipation of the nation’s eventual collapse, all of them are busy building their future outside Nigeria. These leaders send all their children abroad, buy houses abroad and stash their wealth abroad, yet these are the same leaders that  sing  “one Nigeria”. How long can we be fooled?  Indeed is Nigeria not an already disintegrated nation? What is left of a nation where ethnic groups are returning to their enclaves because of ethno-religious crises or where a section of the country introduces sharia  laws in  violation of the constitution, or where terrorists  bomb and kill innocents in churches and other locations  on account of their religion and ethnicity? Must we wait for everyone to be killed before we realise that Nigeria cannot work?


Nigeria is a nightmare. We need to finally confront the reality of   it’s impossibility as a viable nation and break-it up. The Scottish have just scheduled an independence referendum for  September 2014 after centuries of union with Britain. In 1991,  the Soviet Union, a nuclear world power disintegrated. In 1947, Pakistan seeking a separate nation for Muslims seceded from India. In 1993, following a referendum,  Eritrea seceded from Sudan. In 1992 Yugoslavia disintegrated leading to more than 8 new nations. In 1993, Czechoslovakia disintegrated.  In 1971, Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan. In 2002, East Timor seceded from Indonesia and in 2011 South Sudan seceded from Sudan. There is thus a long precedent of self determination by many nations around the world. Most importantly, none of the new nations have ever regretted their decisions to separate from their former nations in spite of whatever challenges they might be facing. There is no reason why  the aftermath of  Nigeria’s breakup scenario will be different.


The French live in France, the Irish in Ireland, the Germans in Germany amongst others, so why should so called Nigerians  be forced  to live with a myriad  of disparate ethnic nations  that is further divided along religious lines?  Amongst  former  British colonies,  three nations namely, Nigeria, Sudan and India were created with contradictions that made them impossible to function by particularly  lumping significant Muslim populations with other ethno-religious groups. Out of the three,  India and Sudan has disintegrated, only Nigeria remains. There is no nation in the world where significant populations of fundamentalist Muslims cohabit peacefully with other religions and this reality has been vindicated in Nigeria with the endless ethno-religious  mass killings in the North. No matter how much we try to pretend, empirical evidence suggests that there will never  be peace, harmony nor progress until there is a separation between the fundamentalist Muslims in the Sharia North and the rest. The  route of disintegration travelled by India and Sudan must therefore, inevitably include Nigeria and the time is now.

Advantages Of  Break-up:

(1)Accountability of  Leaders

Amongst the many advantages of Nigeria’s break-up, the single greatest gain will be the possibility to hold leaders accountable in a new nation freed from Nigeria’s contradictions. It  is no secret that Nigeria’s monumental corruption-patronage  is fuelled and sustained by tribalism. It is impossible  to effect  the kind  of radical and draconian measures  needed to stamp out corruption  without  awakening the ghosts of tribalism. This is the simple reason why there hasn’t been a Jerry Rawlings kind of  revolution   in spite of the monumental looting and destruction of the nation.  It should be recalled that Major Kaduna Nzeogwu’s coup in spite of its shortcomings and excesses was fundamentally against election rigging-corruption, violence and misrule but the coup was defeated on the altar of Nigeria’s ethno-religious contradictions.


Nigeria thus provides a tribal shield occasioned by her contradictions to leaders who conscious of this “ethnic immunity” engage in unlimited looting.  Nigeria’s Break-up will remove this important  tribal  shield and render the leaders accountable  to their  people with the possibility of severe consequences for recalcitrant leaders.


(2) Job  Creation And Opportunities



Many people still do not realise that Nigeria’s breakup will open up many job opportunities. There are presently 36 states and 774 local governments  in Nigeria that have to be accommodated  by restricted quota in federal  jobs such as the Police force, the Armed forces, the customs service, immigration service, the SSS, NNPC, PHCN, Nigeria airways, Nitel, NAFDAC, foreign missions and other boards and parastatals. Sharing these positions between 36 states and 774 local governments’ means that very few people within any jurisdiction gets employed in these services.  Since every nation must  have  these essential services, it means that Nigeria’s disintegration will open up these job opportunities to only people from the new nations.  Rather than sharing these positions with a myriad of states and local governments, these positions and many more will open exclusively to people from the new nation creating a lot of job opportunities.



 (3)  Reconstruction and Concentrated Localised Development


One of the advantages of breakup is localised construction to develop the new capital city and other national projects. Unlike Nigeria where every development was concentrated in Lagos and now  Abuja while other areas were ignored to the extent that there were even official policies of marginalisation preventing the development of an international airport and other capacity building projects in other areas, the new nations must necessarily build such important  and capacity building projects as an international airport and other  infrastructure for their  capital and other major cities without let or hindrance.  Other national development projects around the new nations will also naturally be undertaken creating concentrated localised development and the attendant job creation opportunities.



 (4) Increased Resources, Membership of The UN and  Direct Foreign Aid


In present day Nigeria under the parasitic monkey dey work baboon dey chop system, resources from the 10 oil producing states, 6 in the Niger Delta, 3 in the East and 1 in the West  plus resources from customs and excise duties accruing from goods imported into the country  and value added tax from consumption  are the  chief  sources  of resources distributed to the 36 states and 774 local governments. This system robs resources from those who generate it to fund those  who contribute nothing. For example, the 12 Northern sharia  states with the highest concentration of local governments in Nigeria  that contribute nothing  is funded to the tune of more than  four trillion Naira or $40 billion annually.  Nigeria’s Breakup will free these resources and return it to those who generate the resources.


Breakup will also lead to increased investments and exploitation of natural resources such as coal, limestone, crude oil  and others in parts of Nigeria where such activity has not been allowed in present day Nigeria. Local taxes generated from customs and excise, value added tax etc will be for the sole use of the location from where it is generated. Many African nations such as Rwanda,Uganda, Tanzania etc that thrive solely on foreign aid are all doing better than Nigeria. Breakup will lead to the establishment of international finance,  aid  and political organizations such as the UN, IMF, world bank, WHO, UNICEF etc in the new nations which will in turn lead to direct foreign aid and intervention for the construction of critical infrastructure and other social programs.


(5) Localised Education And Industrial Policy

It is not for nothing that other African countries have maintained a basic standard of education while education in Nigeria has practically collapsed. Nigeria’s leadership was dominated for long by the North that  had no desire to encourage education since their own people hardly went to school, they also never  encouraged  youth empowerment, since they have groomed their own youths to become poverty ridden-destitute almajiri’s.  Since a man cannot give what he does not have, it was never in the interest or calculation of erstwhile northern leaders to invest in education or youth empowerment, which has now birthed the crisis of collapsed education, youth unemployment, poverty and social chaos in the nation. Breakup will make it possible for the new nations to articulate and develop a robust education and industrial policy that caters specifically to their needs, aspirations and addresses the problem of  poverty- youth unemployment.



(6)Biometric ID Cards And Social Security

Whereas  less endowed  African countries are well organised with a structured  ID card system and a database that  helps in planning, security and general administration, the politics of  population manipulation and fraud by the north  induced  northern leaders to block all initiatives for a secure civic registration ID card system  in Nigeria.  Breakup will make it possible for the new nations to create a comprehensive database with biometric ID cards  that incorporates  fingerprints, digital photographs and DNA profiles. An added advantage of biometric identification is the creation of a  social security system that provides a safety net for the citizens.



(7) Convening Of  A Sovereign National conference

For so long  the sovereign rights of each ethnic group  have  been suppressed  through the consistent refusal to convene a sovereign national conference by selfish northern interests who want to maintain the status quo of social, economic and political  injustices.  Breakup will make it possible for the citizens  of  the new nations to convene a sovereign national conference on  the basis of equality and exhaustively negotiate a covenant or constitution of association that respects the autonomy of all constituent units and creates a harmonious and prosperous nation. 

(8) End Of Marginalisation And Apartheid

Since the end of the Biafra-Nigeria conflict, marginalisation and apartheid has been the official policy of the Nigerian government towards some sections of the citizenry that resulted in the near total absence of  federal  infrastructure in their  region  and the near total exclusion  of  those citizens from the upper echelons of government. Breakup will bring a definite and final end to more than four decades of marginalisation.





The advantages of break-up are so  many  that there is neither  the time nor the space to catalogue all of them. The undisputable fact remains that Nigeria is an unworkable and irredeemable failure. If other less endowed  African  nations  can have basic amenities and a measure of  peace while Nigeria does not,  then there is something seriously wrong with Nigeria and  it’s  time to finally confront the reality of the impossibility of Nigeria  as a nation. Except for those who have chosen collective suicide or perpetual slavery, I see no reason why anyone would want to be part of a nation where   there is marginalisation, injustice, inequality, oppression, ethno-religious mass murders and a total lack of progress.  A nation where if you live in the North you are segregated into strangers quarters known as “sabon gari” because the northerners consider you a stranger who should not live in their midst. The same Northerners segregate themselves into Hausa quarters when they move down south because  they  don’t believe they should mix with strangers and yet this is the country we pretend to be a nation.


Is it not also true that a Nigerian from the South is safer living in another African country or anywhere else in the world as a foreigner than living in the North as a Nigerian where he would sooner  be murdered on account of his ethnicity and religion?  Where then is the nation in Nigeria?  The worst lie is the lie a man tells himself.  Nigerians have continued to lie to themselves that Nigeria is a nation when the reality and all empirical evidence have consistently proven otherwise. As Fanon said, it’s time to undertake the mission  of  our generation and breakup this contraption. The mass killings in the North will never end and there will never be peace or progress in Nigeria until there is a breakup and permanent separation between the Muslim North and the rest of the nation. It is the greatest yoke holding the nation down the lifting of which will  herald  freedom,  peace,  prosperity and other profound  changes.


There are many ways,  means and options to break up this hopeless and useless nation. One of them is simply to de-amalgamate the North and the South, others include scheduling a referendum or plebiscite on self determination.  For the sake of our children and the coming generation, Southern leaders and all men of goodwill must come  together to  actualise  this divine and necessary duty as a  final solution to save our children from the burden of being trapped  in such a tragic and nightmarish contraption. The time is now!


By Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu



  1. I support dis notion,if d de-amalgamation will b done peacefully and not like d revolution dat occured in d northern parts of africa.we have suffered a lot,frm d backward ppl of northern nigerian and there counterparts.enough is enough.

  2. I just want to say a very biiiii……g! thank you for the excellent truth and solution to Nigeria problems which you gave here. The devil’s incarnates that are Nigerian rulers will not easily allow the break-up because of their selfish and demonic ambitions. What are we going to do now to hasten the break-up of this satanic enclave called Nigeria?

  3. Whenever a man’s heart is filled with prejudice, that man has the wost physiological sickness of all – for prejudice perforates the mind; he hates the truth when he sees it, he distorts facts where he presents them, he lies when he speaks and he destroys when he acts. In him he see the dictum ‘where prejudice and sentiments lie, reason is lost’.

    Nwodu’s piece is a trash, thoughtless, unintelligible, contradictory, factually false and even seditious.

    The countries he mentioned that separated all, with the exception of Pakistan, was not on the basis of religion but on ethnic nationalism. All over the world, ethnic cleavage is always stronger than religious; and more so in African communities. If one makes a suggestion to do something he should be able to propose how to do it. On what ethnic lines is Nwodu suggesting that the various ethnic groups in Nigeria separate on?

    If Scotland is separating from the UK is it on grounds of religion seeing that they are all protestants? No, its on ethnic grounds. The EU, why is it uniting; not because they are of the same religion. The doctrinal differences between Catholicism and Protestantism are almost equal the difference between Islam and Christianity. Yet the dominant northern, Protestant, populous, industrial and wealthy Europe is willing to co-habit with the poor, agrarian, Catholic, smaller southern Europe. Nwodu does not even see or know the broad trend world societies are taking. Broadly, the world is moving towards a multicultural, tolerant and scientific societies. To attend this countries are increasingly becoming more liberal, more free and more organized and less divisive.

    Nwodu, your view is shallow, poor, retrogressive and unscientific. Please discard it, empty your mind of prejudice and go back to school – you have a whole lot to learn.

  4. The contraption called ‘Nigeria’ is long over due for de-almagation. Any one campaigning for its continuous existence is among those benefitting from the woes befalling this Nation. It takes courage and goodwill to call a spade a spade. Enough of the lame argument about how should the country be disintegrated. The people should be free to decide their destiny.


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