Re: What Proponents Of Zoning In Anambra State Fail To Understand.


anambraEvil Triumphs When Good Men Keep Quiet—Edmund Burke

Emeka, my dear good friend, I totally agree with you on the salient points and argument you raised in your wonderful piece on the above subject matter- as published in the Leadership and Independent Newspapers of Sunday, January 20, 2013. I urge you to continue the good fight and never see yourself as a lonely voice crying in the wilderness. Keep on with the struggle; show the light for others to follow.

The issue of Senator Andy Uba and his truncated Governorship of Anambra state will ever remain a recurring decimal in the politics of the state. Anambra is one state in Nigeria where things are done differently as far as politics is concerned. Since 1999, when the current political dispensation began, Anambra state politics has always been characterized by deft political maneuvering and intrigues of highest order; that has left political scientists and practitioners’ confused and stranded.

It was only in Anambra state that a serving Governor was allegedly abducted in broad day light. If not for the timely intervention of well meaning Nigerians. That would have been the end of his governorship in the state. Also, it was in Anambra State that a few members of the State legislature reportedly met in a hotel, outside the Constitutional approved venue for sitting, at an ungodly hour of the night when good men were asleep to impeach their Governor.

Again, in Anambra State it was, where a validly elected Governor, who was dully sworn in according to the laws of the land, in the person of Senator Andy Uba, was asked to surrender his mandate that was freely given to him by his people, by the Apex Court that lacked jurisdiction to entertain the case in the first place. To me and many others who think and reason differently, Anambra politics is a phenomenon.

To start with, the ruling of the Apex court that removed Senator Andy Uba from office as Governor ought not to have been in the first place. He won an election that was validly conducted by INEC and INEC on its part, knew that election was due for the office of Governor in the State. Therefore to correct this enormous injustice done to Senator Andy Uba, I strongly agree with what Emeka said about zoning in the State. The case of the Presidency of Nigeria in 1999 is a glaring example and a good precedent for that matter. To assuage the good people of Anambra South for the  great injustice done to their zone, conceding the office of Governor to Senator Andy Uba will go a long way in healing the wounds occasioned by the Apex Court ruling and the subsequent surrendering of the mandate. As we know, a Court of competent jurisdiction asked INEC to go ahead with 2007 general elections. Even the Apex Court itself got receipt of Peter Obi’s case before the election but did not make an order stopping the Governorship election from being conducted.

Also, the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], if it must win the forth coming Governorship election in the State must as a matter of fact cede the governorship position to Senator Andy Uba, if decides to contest, and the people of Anambra South zone. Senator Andy Uba enjoys a massive support of the electorate and as such, the only politician that can win the governorship election on the platform of PDP in the State. For Senator Andy Uba, this word of Shakespeare is very apt here: “—Nor strong tower, nor walls of beaten brass, nor airless dungeon, nor strong links of irons, can be retentive to the strength of spirit; But life, being weary of these worldly bars, Never lacks power to dismiss itself”—

Therefore, all the people clamoring for zoning in Anambra State should see reason and make sure that peace reigns in the State by zoning the governorship position to Anambra South Zone .This will be just, fair and needful in the circumstances we find ourselves. For well meaning Anambarians, they should bear in mind the wise saying of Edmound Burke and act accordingly; otherwise, history may not be kind as evil men would have won.

Chris Nweke

A Public Affair Analyst,

Wrote in from Abuja.




  1. Frm ur write ups its crystally clear you were paid for this. First the apex court in its ruling said there was no election al binitio for the Governorship office.
    Secondly in a democratic system the word conceding to my undeerstanding in uur contest means picking which isn’t deemocratic sinceee u said he won initial he cld win again lol.
    Thirdly Zoning shld be sent to Anambra North bcos it has neva produced a governor since thee creation of the state.
    Lastly am a PDP fan and believe they won’t want divided votes this time around and as such in one voice let’s get a formidable canddidate frm that zone and give them the mazimum support then pick Andy/Chris Uba as a running mate.
    For the love of Anambra!!!! Thanks

  2. We hereby concede the governorship to Andy Uba. He should just go and prepare for March 17, 2014. Ogwula! No need fr elections.

    Please do not falsify history. Remove the courts! Remove Peter Obi’s struggle to have a complete tenure Andy Uba never won the elections in 2007.

    And in truth, Anambra has outgrown a state that Andy Uba with his limited intellect can govern. Let’s kill the bad dream,encourage him in other areas he fits the bill,and move on with more credible candidates like Chris Ngige or Charles Soludo.

    No zoning,no church politics,no age-grade politics and no cult group politics.

  3. The issue of zoning sentiments, to me is political propaganda, and should not be a barrier or yer stick in voting for a rightful candidate who determine to re-circle the State to a better life and give a modern development in the state.meanwhile i am from Anambra North senatorial district,we elite youths from Anambra North senatorial district should re-define our perceptions towards the zoning sentiment.Let all hands be on desk, so that our valued and competent candidates would not end up become valueless to us.The president of Anambra North Youth Association should be Mindfully and better take note of these.i prefer more opportunity should be given to DR.Chris Ngige who happened to be given us a case-studies in chosen a legitimate candidate base on his highly performance during his short-time tenure in the state.Onwa i think all Anambarians needs your highly return back to the state as a Governor and as a people choice candidate.your good work in the state must definitely return you back again.


    From the very UN-set of political system in Nigeria, precisely in Anambra State. Our Late Father and our Late Brother by name Late Dr Chuba Okadigbo a.k.a (OYI of OYI), a political figure in the history of Nigeria, Anambra State, and Anambra North Senatorial District precisely, a man Nigeria and good people of Anambra North Senatorial Districts have never been re-produced again, what such a Hero who happened to be a State father and Anambra North Senatorial father. Late Dr Chuba Okadigbo played vital and recommendable roles in the Country, State, and in his Constituencies precisely. Our people use to say:’ SHOW ME YOUR FRIEND AND I WILL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE’. This very late father had happened to be a good friend and a nice mentor to Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige a.k.a (ONWA), if a king can not live without his servants, likewise late Dr Chuba Okadigbo was the man that could not live without his servant Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige, despite the Parties differences after his decamped to ANPP. I am from Anambra North Senatorial Districts and happen to come from the same town with Late Dr Chuba Okadigbo. These factors are enough for us to know that Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige is part and parcel of the good people of Anambra North Senatorial Districts, in spite the fact that he is representing Anambra Central Senatorial Districts. We should as well take away the zoning issue and party sentimental, and should be mindfully known that his Sleepless Night in Development of Anambra North Senatorial Districts has made him to re-contest again and has never gone out of his mind or neither has he forgotten us since his shot-term in the office up-till today. Let all the Anambra North Youths and Elders hands should be on desk to support and vote for Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige, so that his good works during his short-term in the office and his good plans for us would be accomplished. The good people of Anambra North Senatorial Districts let us honors our late father, Dr Chuba Okadigbo in excising maximum support to Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige. Meanwhile, my greatest advice to Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige is for him to choose or nominate his running mate from the North Senatorial Districts. Thanks and God bless the good people of Anambra North Senatorial Districts.
    I am yours faithfully and good son of Anambra North Senatorial Districts by name IKEORAH IFEANYI.a.k.a (ONYENZE 1).


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