Press Release: UPP Calls for Credible FCT Area Councils Election



The United Progressive Party (UPP) calls on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct credible, transparent and acceptable FCT Area Council elections on Saturday 16th March, 2013. The Commission should provide a level playing field to all the political parties contesting various elective offices as the only way to deepen our frail democracy and meet the aspirations of millions of FCT voters.

UPP calls on the good people of Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) to come out en masse and vote for UPP candidates who are strongly determined to provide democracy dividends to the impoverished people of AMAC and achieve the Federal Government’s transformation agenda.

We urge the AMAC electorate to vote wisely and protect their votes. UPP AMAC chairmanship candidate, Hon. Chambers Okorie and Vice Chairman, Hon. Danladi Iliya are the dream team and best candidates for the offices on AMAC Chairman and Vice Chairman. We urge the electorate to vote them to power as they are well qualified, tested and trusted to lead AMAC residents into the promised land. They will not disappoint the good people of AMAC if voted into power as their campaign manifest is well spelt out in tandem with the UPP progressive ideology.

A UPP government in AMAC will provide quality education, primary healthcare, basic infrastructure, social amenities, security and mutual co-existence among various ethno-religious groups in AMAC.

Equity, fairness, and good governance shall be our watchwords as we jointly build a strong, virile and prosperous AMAC. It is time for change. Chambers Okorie is the change agent we can believe in. It is time to end tyranny and mismanagement by political jobbers masquerading as democrats. The time for change is now, vote UPP for good governance.


Chief Ogbuehi Dike

Director General

Chambers Okorie Campaign Organization  




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