Boko Haram Gun Down 2 Police Officers In Kano


boko haram

Information reaching indicates that two police officers stationed in Kano were gun down in the early morning hours of Wednesday March 6, 2013. Both officers were confirmed dead by Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital  Medical officers as soon as they were brought to the hospital.

According to the information gathered, one of the attacked officers was hit while on patrol in the Nalbawa area of Kano. He was attacked by Jihadist gunmen who rode in a Kepe Napep tricycle. The officers were reported to be an inspector at the police department.

The other police officer was gun down minutes after the attack at Naibawa. He was also attacked by gunmen who rode in a Keke Napep Tricycle.  Unconfirmed information indicates that the second officer was gun down near Nasarawa local government areas. Details remain sketchy.

Attempt to contact the Police spokesperson, Magaji failed to yield a response. The information managers of the Kano State government also failed to yield a response.

The recent attacks by the Jihadist warrior marks a continuation of an increasing rate of attacks on the security outfit of the northern state. In January, the Emir of Kano was attacked by Jihadist warriors- who believe the Emir to have become too westernized for the good of Islam. He returned late from London after having fled to London immediately following the attack.

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