Press Release: Maina Is A Patriot, Has Contributed To Pension Transformation Agenda


The Pension Reform Task Team has received with nauseating feeling a media statement credited to the Vice Chairman of the Etuk Pension Probe Committee, Senator Kabiru Gaya (ANPP, Kano South) stating that the Pension Reform Boss, Dr. Abdulrasheed Maina was ridiculing Jonathan’s Administration simply because he has gone to court to seek for redress.

The Pension would like to respectfully inform Distinguished Senator Gaya that there is no civilized place or country on earth where going to court translates to ridiculing anybody or institution. Going to court is a basic requirement of a polite and modern democratic society.

Nigeria is not anarchical, the court of law is the only hope of every helpless person like Dr. Maina, for this reason, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria confers on him as a right to sue and be sued.   No institution or person is too big before the Court, or any person to be considered too little to institute a case in the Court against anyone.

Dr. Maina is a patriotic citizen that has gallantly spearheaded  an immense  pension reform job and is achieving a very successful transformation drive of Mr. President; even at the risk of his life, that of his  household and the entire members of the Pension Reform Task Force Team.

There is no reason for the Senate Pension Probe Committee to persecute the Chairman of the Pension Task Force. Is it for exposing the pension thieves that were hitherto enveloped in a shroud of secrecy and silence for over 44 years?  Or is it for recovering and saving over 221 Billion Naira pension funds; or for preventing further stealing of pension funds of over 70 Billion Naira annually in just two pension offices? Or is it for cutting-off 73,000 fake pensioners, enrolment of over 50,000 genuine pensioners and payment of harmonized arrears for over 38,000 pensioners that he would be persecuted?

Today, most Nigerians know that Dr. Maina is being scandalized, dehumanized and severely persecuted for simply doing the right thing for the Country. Hence, he demanded for a redress from the Senate President, and to date nobody has responded to his complaint petition, why? Is it because Director Maina is an “Ordinary Assistant Director”, and not a “Distinguished Senator” that he should be denied of equal justice?

Senator Gaya also said that the Chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team has shunned the Senate, it is important to note that Dr. Maina has never at any time refused to appear before the Senate Pension Probe Committee without legitimate reason.

Dr Maina highly respects the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and also humbly believes that the Senate Pension Probe Committee has the constitutional rights to investigate, but with fairness to all Nigerians irrespective of their affiliations.

Hassan Salihu





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