President Jonathan Orders Immediate Action against Maina For Going AWOL



Following his receipt from the Inspector-General of Police of a status report on efforts by the Nigeria Police to execute the warrant issued by the Senate for the arrest of the Chairman of the Pension Reform Task Force, Alhaji Abdulrasheed Maina, President Goodluck Jonathan today directed the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation to immediately commence disciplinary action against Alhaji Maina for absconding from duty.

Section 030402 of the Federal Government’s Public Service Rules lists Absence from Duty without Leave as an act of Serious Misconduct punishable by dismissal.

The Inspector-General of Police, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar stated in his report to President Jonathan that after receiving the Senate’s warrant for the arrest of Alhjai Maina, he had constituted a team of detectives under the leadership of a Deputy Inspector-General of Police to find and arrest him in compliance with the Senate’s directive.

The Inspector-General said that the police has since mounted surveillance at Alhaji Maina’s home and Office but has been unable to arrest him because he has gone into hiding and stayed away from both locations since the warrant was issued, leading to his publicly being declared wanted by the Police.

Alhaji Abubakar assured the President that “intensive search” operations were still ongoing for the arrest of Alhaji Maina and that the Police will not relent until he is apprehended and produced before the Senate.

In his directive to the Head of Service, Alhaji Isa Sali, President Jonathan noted that the Inspector-General’s report clearly indicated that Alhaji Maina had absconded from his official duties.

President Jonathan directed the Head of Service to act expeditiously on the disciplinary proceedings against Alhaji Maina and report back to him on actions taken.



  1. What we have not heard from the Inspector General of Police is that Maina has been declared wanted to enable any citizen to effect a citizens arrest should one find him and also warm anyone hiding him with a threat of arrest and prosecution He should inform the interpol just in case he he has escaped from the country, only then would one take him seriously.

  2. Jonathan is making a move now, after a threat from the Senators. That sound strange. I think Maina is helping Jonathan to get ready for 2015 election by stealing more than enough for election. Police will eventually arrest him in a showmanship game and before you could say, “Maina”, the crook is going to be walking the strteet as a free man. That is Jonathan legacy for you. Welcome to Nigeria of PDP, where “Share the money” is the motto of the party.


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