NANS Press Release: Khaki Brutality: Enough Is Enough!

  • This Madness And Attack On Nigerian Students Must Stop.

The attention of the Secretariat of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has been drawn to the recent attack on innocent students of the Nassarawa State University, by members of the Nigerian security agencies, leaving six students dead and several others injured. The students had launched a peaceful protest over the persistent scarcity of electricity and water on the campus and hostels, which has made life unbearable for them and hampered their studies.

Their offence was to have barricaded the major roads. Just like the French and Allied Armies had to resolve issues via exchange of gun fire with the Malian rebels, our trigger happy security operatives (army, police and the civil defence corps) resolved the issues with our future leaders via gun fire which left four dead and several others injured.

We recall, with a heavy heart, the history of the army, police and other security operatives in Nigeria within the context of students’ unionism. This is a history punctuated with a flood of tear, sweat and blood. It is the history that reduces the combined Sharpeville and Soweto masseurs to a child’s play. It is the history that legitimatized insanity and constitutionalised khakimania. This is to say that the history is that of a sadistic elitist conspiracy and ruthless bourgeoisie hypocrisy. This conspiracy becomes more hopeless when we recall the criminal silence, treasonable passivity and subtle sanction usually displayed by the cream of the Nigerian society each time Nigerian students are gunned down.

Today, in pensive melancholy, we remember all our fallen heroes and heroines who were cut in their primes by the reactionary forces of brutal, primitive and barbaric zombies disguised in uniforms. It is most unfortunate that the security operatives which are supposed to be constructive instrument for the protection and defence of life and property have turned out to be an un-progressive machination of destruction, dehumanisation and anarchism. Nigerian students condemn vehemently the intermittent wounding, batoning, maiming, shooting and killing rituals that have become a characteristic feature of our security agencies.

We solemnly declare, this day, that although we have neither guns nor musketeers, we will match confrontation with identical confrontation anytime the security agencies give us a further cause for justifiable indignation. On the superficial level, power emanates from the barrel of the gun; but on the fundamental level, power erupts from the supreme will of the people. It is in the interest of the security agencies to realise that they are included among the wretched of the earth and revolting systems that the Nigerian students are fighting against.

We therefore call on all Vice-Chancellors to eschew the habit of meeting students’ protest with police force because any further assault on Nigerian students will meet stiff resistance and be greeted with crude action. Be warned!

We also call on all well-meaning Nigerians both at home and in diaspora, to rise and condemn in totality this barbarous act, because it is capable of threatening both National Security and the National cohesion which the government of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is struggling with little result to achieve.


Com. Adelu Monehin James

NANS President.




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