APC not held up by INEC red light- ACN

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Action Congress of Nigeria, Anambra State chapter has described the statement credited to Mr Sylvester Nwobu-Alor to the effect that INEC refused registration of APC unless the logo of APGA is dropped a a hallucination from a desperate aspirant too the office of National Chairman of Obi’s minority faction of APGA, insisting that the more populous and mass-appealing mainstream of APGA have willingly embraced APC in their supporters numbers.
In a release issued in Onicha, the State Publicity Secretary of the Party Okelo Madukaife, said, it is understandable that Nwobu-Alor does not understand the wisdom in allowing the mainstream APGA led by Okorocha some time to harmonise their views with their membership and possibly those of the splinter group to which he and his nephew occupying the overwhelming seat at Anambra Government House belong.
For the avoidance of doubt, the decision to hold on the logo issue is purely an application of civility as enshrined in the articles of the new mega-party because Anamba State, where APGA never won the 2010 elections in reality would not be enough to deter the APC,ifwrer merely a contest of might. .
‘Were Nwobu-Alor to be in the shoes of PAC, he would have called in mpiawa azu boys to take over the secretariat of APGA, cordon it off and release the logo, which epitomises his usual course of action that led to killing 12 Nnewi sons without receiving a query’ Madukaife declared, asking rhetorically, ‘So how do you expect him not to input motives for the widely accepted decision of the APC merger committee to allow time heal wounds’
The ACN spokesman advised Nwobu-Alor to concentrate on his current ambition to be the National chairman of the new party to be formed by Mr Peter Obi with his supporters, for which he has been seeking the endorsement of a former Board of Trustees member Dr Tim Menakaya and one Okey Ezibe, rather than seek to poke out his worn-out claws into the formative, but decisive progress of APC.
Madukaife  assured the people of the South East Zone that the combined stature of Senator (Dr) Chris Ngige, Gov. Rochas Okorocha ,Chief Achike Undenwa, Chief Ukwa  and a host of credible igbo leaders in the APC, most of who  are reputed to have done well in the offices held and currently being held would be enough to show political light for Ndigbo to follow, even if in the final analysis Gov Obi , his uncle and his political beneficiaries who populate the rump of old APGA still outside APC reorganise in their new name to fuse into PDP as planned.
 ‘Let word go out from here that the APC foresaw and is ready in all ramifications for those that the PDP may wish to use against it from the wings as Nwobu-Alor’s actions entail ’ Madukaife said adding that what Ndigbo has so far benefited from the PDP federal government, is ‘a River Niger that was said to be dredged, but was not, leading to devastating impact of floods; a comatose river port in Ontisha that has been commissioned yet again for the fifth time since Shagari presidency and yet cannot host a canoe; an unmet promise of the second bridge that has no drawings as yet ,but conceptually will have to be paid for by Ndigbo; an International Airport that has become an election talisman against the Igbo Nation ,while Yola and Ilorin continue to receive International flights ;and a diminutive stature of five states out of 36 for all the population’
He therefore called on the APGA faithfuls in Anambra to ‘apply wisdom by moving away from the yesterday’s men in APGA and their drum beaters in government ,who would rather use Local Government Funds for  personal intrigues than build structures that will guarantee a career for politicians coming after them, and seek the dark goat in broad daylight.


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