Abuja Bomb Scare: “It was not a bomb” – Police IG



Information reaching 247ureports.com from the office of the Inspector General of Police in Abuja, Nigeria indicates that the package discovered in front of the National Post Office located at Garki 10 was not a bomb. This is according to the Police Public Relations Officer; Frank Mba who spoke to our correspondent through the telephone – who further stated that the package contained sand, clay, tiles and “other rubbish”. He stated that there were no wires or other bomb-like materials contained inside the box.

Frank Mba told 247ureports.com that the package was placed in foront of the Post Office by unknown persons. According to the police spokesperson, passerby alerted the police when they saw the package – and the police reacted in a manner customary to incidents of packages suspected to be a bomb. He added that the populace may have thought it was a bomb because of the scientific manner the police handled the incident.

The police, according to the spokesperson, condoned the immediate area – and called in the police bomb squad – who then geared up in their customary bomb detonation gear – and proceeded to detonate the package. At the point of detonation, a not-so-loud sound was heard – as the package was ignited. The spokesperson indicated that it was the loud sound that caused many to believe that the package was a bomb.

When pressed by 247ureports.com on why the package was addressed to the Federal Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Iweala, the spokesperson retorted that the package was not a bomb – and that the address on the package – may have been to achieve a scare to the Minister and the Ministry.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the Minister for Finance [Paul] – in talking with 247ureports.com – confirmed that the package was addressed to the Finance Minister. But he was not certain whether the package was a bomb. He did not was to speculate whether the kidnapping of the Finance Minister’s mother had any connections to the bomb scare of today.



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