Community In Abia State Laments Over Incessant Arrest By Police.


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A community in Abia State, Okayiga Okwu Olokoro community  in Umuahia Abia State has lamented the continuous and incessant arrest of the villagers by the police in Umuahia.

In a save our soul letter to The community in their letter stated that one Mr. Chief Nwanna who according to the community is known as one of the kidnappers in Abia State has paid money to the police to arrest innocent people in the village.

According to the villagers in their letter, the police told them that the man in question reported that the villagers stole his property and also the sum of 38 million naira; “but the community, knows this man has not been working and no one knows what the man has been doing for a living but the villagers knows the man to be a thief and kidnapper.”

The community said in their write up that instead of the police to investigate how the man got this kind of money, they didn’t as they only choose the option of declaring a massive arrest of villagers; “the police keep on taking this case from one police station to another within Umuahia.

“We are thinking that police are there to protect the community instead they are just busy making money. We are informed that there are a lot of rich men behind this. The man we in question is a very big high killer, please help the poor ones and the innocent people, we are one Nigeria and we are here for better tomorrow,” the villagers lamented.




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