Jonathan Administration is painfully profligate – ACN


The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has raised an alarm over the reckless extravagance of the Jonathan
Administration, saying it could plunge the country into bankruptcy if left unchecked.

In a statement issued in Ilorin on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party described as totally unacceptable and utterly shameful that a government that has not made a positive impact on
Nigerians will engage in such wastage.
It said the government has now beaten its own record for profligacy by its decision to build a 2.2 billion Naira

Banquet Hall in the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, which the man who announced the white elephant project,

FCT Minister Bala Mohammed, justified by saying ”other smaller countries have better Banquet Halls near their

Presidential residences”.

”It is interesting that a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is comparing the country with ‘smaller countries’

when it comes to justifying a project that will only benefit a few elite. Does the Minister know that the citizens of the

so-called smaller countries enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply? Does he know that the citizens of those countries

don’t have to queue up endlessly for petrol and kerosene; that they don’t have to depend on Okada for transportation;

and that they have no road as terrible as Lagos-Ibadan expressway?

”In any case, nothing can justify the decision to spend such a huge amount of money on a Banquet Hall in a country where

many go to bed hungry most nights, where youth unemployment is at a high 46.5% and where projects that could make

Nigeria to achieve the MDGs, less than three years to the target date, are almost non-existent,” ACN said.

The party also condemned the decision by the Petroleum Minister to spend 6.5 billion naira for ”sensitization” on the Petroleum

Industry Bill (PIB); the President’s propensity to travel to international meetings with a bloated entourage and the continuous

allocation of huge funds to purchase aircraft for the presidential fleet, saying they all fit into the mindless profligacy of the

Jonathan Administration.

”One would have expected that a government headed by a man who himself has publicly acknowledged his humble beginnings

will be less profligate and more inclined to allocate funds to developmental projects that will uplift the standard of living of

his compatriots, including ensuring better security for them. Sadly, what we are witnessing under the discombobulated Jonathan

Administration is the exact opposite,” it said.

ACN advised the Administration to retrace it steps by spending the nation’s scarce resources only on projects that can benefit

the masses, rather than a few elite, and urged all Nigerians to join in calling the government to order before it runs the country




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