A Nigeria In The Hands Of A Political Party Like The CPC Is On An Express Road To Somalia—-PDP


The Peoples Democratic Party has described the reaction of the Congress for Progressive Change to President Goodluck Jonathan’s Christmas message as another clear evidence that the CPC is not ready to step down its philosophy of violence and vile communication module.

A statement by the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh said the intentions of the CPC which is to stir public distrust and trigger a flood of mutiny against the PDP led federal government will continue to suffer still birth as Nigerians are capable of sifting the truth from tissue of lies.

The PDP however insisted that President Jonathan was correct when he declared in his Christmas message that he has the political will and determination to deliver on the party’s promise of positive changes in the living conditions of the people in the shortest possible time, insisting that the gains of the Party’s transformation program will bear more fruits in the coming years.

“President Jonathan has invested heavily in critical infrastructures such as power, road and rail transport, security, agriculture, education among others. While the maturity span of some of these infrastructures is long term and is expected to yield benefits in coming years, there is abundant evidence that steady gains are already crystalizing in sectors such as power, education and rail transport.”

“The CPC will definitely be blind to this steady progress because constructive engagement is not the ultimate motivation of its criticism,” the statement added.

According to it, the CPC’s argument that PDP has mismanaged the fortunes of the nation in the last thirteen years flies at the consistent renewal of the party’s mandate by the people since 1999.

“Even in 2011 when the CPC took desperation to a criminal level, orchestrating an orgy of election violence that claimed many lives, Nigerians stood firm for the PDP in an election adjudged locally and internationally as the most credible in the nation’s recent record. ”

” But has the PDP squandered its mandate in over a decade in saddle,” the statement asked.

“This can only be true in the diseased imagination of the CPC. The PDP has remained the only truly national party on whose shoulders revolve the unity of the nation. Need we say that a Nigeria in the hands of a political party like the CPC is on an express road to Somalia?”

“Besides,” the statement continued, ” the PDP met Nigeria a pariah state, retrieved and returned it to the centre stage of global reckoning. It is also on record that at a time the economy of the western nations was hobbled by the global melt down with banks collapsing, no bank in Nigeria suffered similar fate. ”

“Similarly, as part of the party’s strategy against corruption, the PDP liberalized the economy and threw the door open to generate new jobs. The party also established anti corruption agencies, the EFCC and ICPC as well as enacted the Freedom of Information law to enhance transparency in governance. The party’s dispassion in winning the battle on corruption has seen even senior members of the Party convicted for corruption.”

“We must add, that our battle on corruption is total and that President Jonathan has won the most critical aspect of it which is against electoral corruption. Nigerians now go the polls and are sure their votes will count. There is no shorter road to good governance than when mandate and withdrawal of it depend entirely on the people,” the statement concluded.

Chief Olisa Metuh

National Publicity Secretary.

Peoples Democratic Party



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