US kids vote for Obama as President


As the US braces for crucial November 6 elections, an unscientific online poll has found more than half a million American children choosing incumbent Barack Obama over his Republican rival Mitt Romney.

The kids participating in the ‘Nickelodeon: Kids Pick the President’ elected Obama as their next president with 65 per cent votes, while Romney received rest of the 35 per cent.

Interstingly, ever since this voting trend began in 1988, the results of kids’ polls have turned out to be the same in five out of the six occasions.

Only in 2004, the kids had elected Democrat John Kerry but he later lost the polls.

“Rest of the country does not get to vote for the President till November 6,” said a kid appearing on the Nickelodeon Web site, which organised the voting.

“And the winner of Kids Pick the President is Barack Obama,” said another child, announcing the results.

In the 2008 elections, Obama had got 51 per cent of the votes, while his Republican challenger John McCain had received 49 per cent in a survey participated by some 2.2 million votes were cast.

This year the total number of polls were down because Nickelodeon went for one vote per electronic device, in order to more “closely replicate” the actual election, and to ensure the results were more “authentic’’.

The voting took place from October 15 to 22.

Nickelodeon said that Romney had refused to participate in the vote, which was only the second time in its history after Democratic party candidate John Kerry refused to take part in the 2004 polls.



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