2015: Kalu, NUJ canvass for Igbo Presidency


Former Governor of Abia state, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu and the leadership of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in the South east have joined hands to canvass for actualization of a Nigerian President from Igbo extraction come 2015.

The NUJ in the South East zone said that after a critical look at the events building up to the 2015, it has decided that the zone should unanimously be conceded to produce the next President of Nigeria in the 2015 general elections.

On his own part, Kalu said that Nigeria would continue to wobble on her journey to nationhood and socio-economic prosperity unless an Igboman was given an opportunity to lead the country.

The journalists said they decided to take the uncommon position because Nigeria is in a precarious time when justice is needed to arrive at lasting solution for Nigeria problems that they said is largely political in nature.

They are also of the opinion that since leaders from other zones have failed to fix the infrastructure problems of the south east, 42 years after the area was devastated by the civil war, it is only the Igboman who will have the courage to address the decay in the zone.

The journalists in the zone are therefore pleading with other ethnic nationalities in the country to reassure the Igbo that the war has truly ended by endorsing an Igboman for Nigeria President, arguing that it is only logical that since the north ruled for over 36 years with the South west and South-South holding sway for 16 years by 2015, it would be fair if the Igbo is allowed to produced the next Nigeria president.

They reminded President Goodluck Jonathan that during his 2011 campaign the entire Igbo gave him support to become president because the Igbo saw him as a son of the Eastern Nigeria greatly marginalized in the country polity.

The journalists therefore said they have decided to partner with any individual or organization that is a proponent for the south east producing Nigeria President in 2015.

In a courtesy call to Kalu, by the South east leadership of NUJ led by the National Vice President of NUJ in the zone, Mr. Chris Isiguzo, the journalists said they were repositioning for the task ahead; especially by taking a deep and critical look at political developments in the country as they affect the south east.

Kalu stated that the country is in trouble because the God’s anointed people are not there yet, adding that until the Igbo take over the mantle of leadership, Nigeria will not have a pride of place in the world.

“Forty-two years after the civil war, it is an insult for somebody to tell you that Igbos cannot be president. If all these tribes can be president, who among them is more qualified than an Igbo man; we are the salt of this nation, we are the best thing that happened to this nation. Anything good comes from the East and we are the genuine easterners; unless we rule this country the country will never be okay,” said Kalu.

The NUJ Vice President, Isiguzo told kalu that since he recently re-emerged to give vent to the Igbo Presidency project, there has been a pleasant sigh of relief.

“Your latest propositions on the place of Ndigbo, nay South Easterners with regard to clinching the presidency in the nearest future is for us a refreshing reminder to the Igbos that their yearnings and aspirations to the project is very much alive and receiving the necessary boost from the right quarters. Therefore, it behoves Your Excellency to look inward and through your commanding leadership, there shall emerge a new Blue-print for Igbo Renaissance and Rejuvenation.”



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