Two Niger Delta Governors Pay Secret Visit to 1st Lady in Germany

1st Lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan

Information recently made available to through highly credible sources close to activities of two prominent South South Governors reveal that the 1st Lady was visited secretly by the two South South Governors in Germany recently.

According to the information gathered, the Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi had paid a visit to the 1st Lady at the German Hospital on the third week of September 2012. Governor Amaechi was reported amongst the first to visit the 1st Lady. The 1st Lady is from Rivers State.

The other South South governor was reported to have traveled to Germany en-route to the United States of America [USA], immediately following the National Award Honors held in Abuja last week. The Governor arrived Germany on the afternoon of Saturday September 22, 2012. He saw the 1st Lady shortly after arrival. After two nights, the Governor left Germany for the USA.  It was not clear the  condition of the 1st Lady judging from the Governor’s body language. He was tight lipped.  The source did not mention the name of the Governor.

It is recalled that the presidency has officially denied knowledge of 1st Lady’s illness, and has in turn said that the 1st Lady was/is resting in Germany.



  1. the health condition of the 1st lady.why the leaders are hiding the true to nigerians ? is she not a human? oh ! you tested &trusted sources , pls tell them we nigerians had understood thier socal decieving talks that they has been doing on dfren issues.


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