Ngige Not Part Of Destabilization Plot – ACN, Anambra

We refer to the views attributed to the Benue State Chapter Chairman of our great party, Comrade Abba Yaro in The Daily Sun Newspaper of 07/09/2012 to the effect that the Senate President, Senator David Mark is collaborating with ACN Senators Dr. Chris Ngige (OON) and Ganiyu Solomon, the Senate Minority Whip to destabilize Minority Parties and even impeach the Senate Minority leader; and note our strong suspicion that Comrade Yaro may have been misquoted or taken out of context or if not, may have been experiencing some central nervous system disorder; or out to deliberately cause mischief and hence plant discord in the ACN Senate Caucus. .

This is because we are at pain to reconcile the Senator (Dr.) Chris Ngige, MD, OON, referred to in the reference story with the highly revered, adored and cerebral former Governor of Anambra State, recorded on the side of extreme positivism by Nigeria’s modern history. We cannot interpret that story to refer to Senator Ngige, Akume’s colleague as a Governor, who did a lot in terms of idea bridging to uplift the people of Benue State while the tenure of the latter lasted as governor of Benue State.
We find it difficult to reconcile the aspiration to the office of Senate Minority
leader described in the present tense with allusions to our leader who has been assisting in “protecting and shielding” Senator Akume from the numerous arsenals being hurled on him by the opposition Senators of ANPP, CPC, Labour, APGA and some ACN, for what they referred to as “chronic absenteeism”

It is necessary to state beyond the above that there are many other issues contained in Comrade Yaro’s purported statement, which as a progressive chapter of a disciplined and focused party, we would not address on the pages of the newspaper. In the interim, it would suffice to clarify that we disagree with Comrade Yaro’ on his use of certain gutter language on Senators Chris Ngige and Ganiyu Solomon who are both leaders of the ACN Caucus in the Senate. We advise that Comrade Yaro should busy himself with building and tending to the Party in Benue State but should he persist in this his uncouth, primitive and unruly behaviour, which is characteristic stock in trade befitting of only Ajegunle Motor Park touts, we would make a strong case to the National Exco of our Great party for severe disciplinary action to be taken against him and this would include but not limited to his immediate suspension from our Great party.

It is our positive affirmation that Senator Ngige, being one of the founding fathers of our Great Party, a thorough-bred party man as attested to by compromises of sacrifice made for our great party in recent times, is not available to be used by anyone no matter how high or low, to pursue interests at divergence with that of our great party or to engage in vile market talk. Rather, Senator Ngige will continue to dispense service to Anambra Central, Anambra State, and Nigeria, through his effective representation in the Senate.

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Our Chapter of ACN will therefore not take kindly to any further unwarranted attacks on the person and reputation of our leader.

Please YARO be ye warned!! As Ndigbo would warn: Yaro, “Onye akpakwana Agu aka na odu!


Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary




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