First Lady: German hospital dashes Jonathan’s hopes


By News Express
Hopes by Nigeria’s President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan,  to attend the ongoing 67th session of the United Nations General  Assembly in New York, USA, with First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, were dashed after doctors at the German hospital where she is receiving  treatment declared her unfit for discharge, it has been revealed.
Quoting unnamed sources, the Lagos-based National Mirror  reported this morning: “Dame was expected to join her husband in New  York for the UN Assembly, but a team of doctors attending to the ailing  first lady in Germany warned of dire consequences on her health should  she embark on any long trip.”
The paper said “it was also gathered from a competent Presidency  source that President Jonathan and his wife had planned to use the trip  to New York to prove critics wrong and end speculations about the health of his wife.
“However, since it was not possible for Dame Patience to attend the  UN Assembly with her husband, based on doctors’ advice, Jonathan had to  make a stopover in Germany to see his ailing wife before arriving in New York.”
News Express reports that Dame Jonathan was rushed to Horst  Schmidt Klinik in Wiesbaden, Germany, four weeks and assurances by the  Presidency that she was recovering and would return to the country two  weeks ago proved to be unrealistic. The ailing First Lady has remained  incommunicado for over a month.
An official at Horst Schmidt Klinik once disclosed that initial  records showed that the Nigerian President’s wife had earlier been  treated for food poisoning back home before being brought to Horst  Schmidt Klinik, where she underwent a major surgery for a ruptured  appendix to remove the poisons in her intestine.
Though admitting that Dame Jonathan travelled to Germany, presidency  spokesmen had claimed that she went for a rest but kept sealed lips on  her whereabouts. The Presidency thereafter adopted a policy of silence  on the First Lady’s fate despite repeated media enquiries.


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