Edo State: The Offodile Syndrome At Work: By Edumoreghese Victor


I read an opinion piece where the writer proved beyond doubt that most people that call themselves opposition in Nigerian politics are selfishly motivated. He talked about those who have refused to see anything good in those in power for fear of adding to their profiles. He talked about those who always prefer to see the bad side to any events taking place in their states. The writer called this phenomenon The Offodile Syndrome. It was drawn from Chudi Offodile’s blind criticisms of Gov. Obi to the point of castigating his visit to primary and secondary Schools, his attention to immunisation and his belief in completing abandoned projects.

The fact is that in Nigeria, the Offodile Syndrome is a national matter. In Edo State, my own State, our action Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has done a lot to uplift the State. In Benin today, the roads are comparable to the best. But upon this you will see old politicians; those that elevated rigging to an art castigate him for doing nothing. This is Offodile Syndrome in action.

Now election is approaching, they are at their worst. I have seen [people get pictures from elsewhere and advertise it as the bad condition of Edo State. This is the Offodile Syndrome at work.

Nigerians must learn the value of civilised criticisms. It is noble to commend a person when he is doing well and criticise him when he is doing wrong. This is one of the ways to ensure genuine growth and development.

The Offodile Syndrome is a disease we all must join hands to cure in Nigeria.

Edumoreghese Victor, Benin City




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