Oil Subsidy Report: President Jonathan Says Have Patience

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has said the law enforcement agents were carefully investigating the House of Representatives Oil Subsidy report, to establish water-tight cases against those who may have committed offences warranting being charged to court.
President Jonathan was speaking to Nigerians resident in Belgium, Thursday, after delivering a keynote address to the 119th/120th Sessions of the World Customs Organization.
“The EFCC is working on the report, so we must give them the chance to do their job. We have to build water-tight cases if we hope to get any conviction for any wrongdoing, and the law demands proof”, he said, adding that it was better to do a good job than to lose the cases in court due to shoddy preparations.
He urged Nigerians, including the media, not to consistently run the country down. “Take a look at the USA: after September 11, 2001, all Americans came together to support their government’s fight against terrorism, regardless of their political leaning”, he said, adding that Nigerians should not play to the gallery or play politics with serious national issues.
“We will continue to ensure our freedom of speech, but we should use it to build the country, not destroy”, he advised.
President Jonathan called on Nigerians in the Diaspora to join the transformation agenda by investing in industries at home to create jobs, noting that many developed countries have reached this position because their citizens resident outside have gone back to invest there.
The President spoke on other issues, including the NHIS, economic growth, free and fair elections, electricity supply and national security.
In his brief remarks, Nigeria’s ambassador to Belgium, Mr. Felix Awankor, said the Nigerians in Belgium were well behaved.


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