Gov Kwankwaso Receives Shipment of 3 Armored Escalade SUVs at N156million


What happened in Kano today is yet another challenge. This situation must be checked and that is why we are working closely with all security agencies to address the situation,” stated the Governor of Kano, Malam Rabiu Kwankwaso following the attack on a Chapel inside the Bayero University [old campus] Kano by the dreaded Muslim terrorist group, the Boko Haram on April 2012. Commenting further, he added “here in Kano, we do not set aside a kobo for security votes, now, I can assure you that in our treasury today is more than N20.5 billion saved within eight months with which we are launching an accelerated development of the state.”

However information recently made available to through a source close to the activities of the Kano State government indicates that the Kano State government may have acted in a manner depicting a misplaced priority. According to the information received, the Governor of Kano, Malam Kwankwaso received shipment of three [3] Armored Escalade Cadillac [Sports Utility Vehicles] at the total price of N156million excluding shipping cost.

The three [3] armored vehicles arrived to Nigeria from Texas [TAC-USA] through Tin Can Island on Sunday June 3, 2012. They were supplied by Maibiyar Motors.

[It is striking the vehicles arrived Tin Can Island on the same day multiple bombs exploded at Church buildings in Bauchi State killing and injuring numerous church goers.]

The 3 armored vehicles, as gathered, are for use by the State governor for his land transportation while in the country. The vehicles provide protection against high-power rifles such as 7.62×39, 5.56×45, 7.62×51 and M80 ball. Additional areas of armoring are the fuel tank, battery and computer module. It has anti-mine protection including DM51 grenade/fragmentation. It is a 6.2L V8  Gasoline engine and a 6-Speed Automatic transmission.

The purchase of the vehicles by Governor Kwankwaso tells the broader story of the state of insecurity in the northern state of Kano as seen through the eyes of the State governor.

The Inside

It is recalled Gov Kwankwaso had arrived to the seat of governor as the prudent administration who had come to streamline the financial management of the State away from the wastage that had plagued the state previously. But informed observers of the state administration who have become conversant with the ongoings within the Kwankwaso administration have begun to point to questions that may require clear answers by the government of Kwankwaso.

To them, the purchase of Escalade [Cadillac] SUV at the purchase price appears exorbitant and a far distance away from being prudent with Kano State resources. They point particular concern to the purchase by the governor as evidence that the Governor may have given up on the insecurity in the State.

The Chief Press Secretary to the State government, Malam Dantiye, was reached through his mobile MTN line but he declined comment. The Information Commissioner, Hon. Farouk was reached through his mobile MTN but he also declined comment.



  1. With all these purchases, who is the enemy of the North? This explains why the North is backward. Lazy, sadistic leaders who hide under a devilish religion to oppress their people and kill others. Next, he will sponsor intending pilgrims with state funds, share the rest to idle traditional leaders and marry many more under age girls. This is true governance indeed. The rest of us must wait for them. Up North, Up Islam!

  2. Am nt surprise coz i knew kwankwaso n wat u did in his 1st term in office. Sum1 who painted Gidan Ado Bayero for 700million naria n u call Shekarau a thief. Is good 4 pple who voted him let dem feel it 2 n act right next time. May GOD help NIgeria wit honest leaders. Ameen

  3. Kwankaso is an impulsive liar, pretender and a crass ego-maniac. He is now the most hated politician Kano have ever pruduced for being a wicked, heartless tyrant and oppresser. He daily confiscates lands and properties of the weak and transfer same to his brothers and cronies. His brother, the village head of Kwanwkaso is currently the most richest landed property owner, a feat he made after his brother terrorized the hapless Kano people before becoming a governor. He callously confiscated a 7km Libyan-land, thus denying Kano of having a world-class university while claiming he would build one, which every body knows that he can’t. Again he confiscates a land belonging to orphans and ‘donated’ it, unsolicited, to the Americans. This junkie will not end well.


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