Kaduna Crisis: “We Did Not Kill Muslims” – Gonin Gora Community-Gbagyi Chiefdom

Gbagyi people

Press Statement


Kaduna Crisis: “We Did Not Kill Muslims” – Gonin Gora Community-Gbagyi Chiefdom


It has become a responsibility on our side to clear the air and the deliberate evil manipulation of reality of the Boko Haram crises into twilight of confusion and robust propaganda against the Gonin Gora community.


The nation is not being helped and saved by deviating from the reality of the Boko Haram insurgency and terrorism ravaging Northern Nigeria, and the country at large. And it is against this that we make the following clarifications, regarding the aftermath of suicide bombings that rocked Kaduna State on Sunday:


·      Though we are oblivious of the fact that criminals and miscreants took advantage of the scenario in Kaduna on Sunday to molest innocent people, and as well take laws into their hands and to some extent damaged cars, properties and some places of worship, in some parts of Kaduna town after the suicide bombings that killed many people. But contrary to the mischievous propaganda, being dish out and given prominence in some quarters. We wish to state that no any form of mass killings or killings of whatever form took place in Gonin Gora. There are military presences and other security operatives stationed in the community that can attest to this reality.


·      Those peddling this wicked propaganda have also gone to town with lies that innocent people on transit were stopped and serially killed. All claims that have been proved to be lies and attempt to further create confusion and escalates violence in the state. The records of killings of innocent Nigerians and those on transit are there for those that care to check, along Rigachikun-Zaria Road axis, Maraban Jos, Bakin Ruwa, Rigasa, Buruku-Birnin Gwari routes and Kawo areas among others. The atrocities committed in those areas in February and May 2000, November 2002, April 2011 and up to now (June 2012) are beyond comprehension but are swept under the carpet. Because we are ‘Infidels’ or ‘Arnas’ or because we don’t have the Daily Trust, Hausa Services of the BBC, VOA, and other propaganda machines. No amount of millions lies will make a truth; rather the country continues to groan in falsehood and insincerity.


·      We are not deterred in our resolve to champion peace, and unity and will not in any way allowed our community be given false publicity, aimed at what is only known to those spreading nothing but hatred, animosity, war and as well intolerance among people of several faiths and backgrounds. We are by this also sending a message, that wicked insinuations and hatred will not help build lasting peace but rather compound and plunge our dear state into bad-blood and underdevelopment.


·      Finally, we wish to reiterate again, no mass killings or any forms of killings took place in Gonin Gora, rather our community should be praised for providing security for travellers along our community. We provided shelter for many Muslims trapped in the violence, for instance, a mother to a former member of National Assembly from Niger State. The security agencies are all aware of all this and real situation of Gonin Gora.

Yusuf Doma Sarki


Dakacin Gonin Gora, and Walin Gbagyi



  1. Innallillahi wa inna ilai hiraji’un. So pple are dis confident?. This is a white lie. I am a living wiTness to mass killings in gonin gora wen we were coming back from minnain a commercial vehicle. Luckily for us our driver was very alert and quickly turned the vehicle around and took us to safety. I saw charred remains of human beings and also the youths who have barricaded the road and burning cars.

  2. Dagacin Gonin Gora your are not a good Crestain becost if what your saying is trough lete me aks u who killed nine peuples includ small small chidren a two women in a Siyana car on that vary sunday? I know you dont know my relationship with the peuple u kill? The Driver Kabiru Muhammad Nuhu was my Brothar thesame fathar thesame mothar your aria boys kill my Brothar and you come aut teling lies to Media. It is only God knows haw many enocent soll you kill on that day.

  3. Dagacin gonin gora, why are u not afraid of the lord most high to say the truth. Your area boy vandalise pple propertice and evn countless lives but all you have to do is lie to the media saying your people kills no muslims. If so, why were muslims corps found in gonin gora. All i have to tell u is try to say the truth, be just and know that the most high is watchin u.

  4. Telling the media lies will not make any different everyone that is coming from abuja knows what you did that day shame on you

  5. To contribute as how? Don’t be so stupid pls. Gonin gora was a mass killing zone on that very Sunday. U know and I know. They killed innocent ppl, young and old, male and female. They have really exposed their brutality.

  6. Haba dagacin gonin gori,is this what you have said the fact about this crisis at g.Gora true of you knowledge pls fear ur creator where ever u are.

  7. not surprised by his comment.live within them and u will understand why he thinks this way.may Almighty Allah 4giv & grant all the innocent lives claimed by dese canibals eternity in Aljannatu

  8. Mr. Dakaci the lier…….. I swear the next time the carnivals of gonin gora kill any human being there, the whole town or community will be erase down by the grace of GOD Almighty….

  9. Stupid Dakaci… is that what u said? Wawa u dint deserve to be Dakachi, u are a big Criminal u deserve an arrest for this statement, foolish Man.


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