Kaduna Crisis: Armed Youths Shoot Down Police Helicopter


Information reaching 247ureports.com through security sources attached to Operation Yaki indicate that the security situation in Kaduna has worsened and degenerated to a near jungle warfare. The is as available information indicates that reprisal attacks continued beyond the State imposed curfew of 6pm to 6am – and the federally imposed patrol of men of the Nigerian Police Force [NPF] throughout the State by the orders of the Inspector General of Police [IGP].

As gathered, attacks were ongoing as at 11pm at southern Kaduna state areas of Kakuri, Barnawa and Nasarawa – with significant casualties reported. It is uncertain the details of the latest outbreak of violence. But an eyewitness told our correspondent that there appear an influx of Muslim youths from outside the State – from areas believed to be Borno and Mubi area of Adamawa State. The eyewitness states that the youths appeared armed and battle ready.

The police and the joint task force [JTF] on their part have been engaging the angry youths [believed to be men of boko haram] in a heated but sporadic gun battle – since the evening of Monday June 18, 2012. Unconfirmed source reports that the security forces may have been shocked and/or shocked by the resilience of the angry Muslim youths who appeared heavily fortified with ammunitions that matches favorably with that of the Nigerian security forces. The security forces were also armed with a police helicopter.

Somehow these boys brought down the new copter” exclaimed the shocked police officer who spoke to 247ureports.com from the field – indicating that the men of the police had called in the helicopter to use for the purposes of enforcing the curfew and for the purposes of ensuring the calm in Kaduna remains intact. But the angry youths believed to be either Muslim or native youths shot the helicopter out of the skys and brought it down. It is uncertain if the occupants of the copter survived. “This has turned to something else“.

Meanwhile, the non-natives to Kaduna have begun leaving Kaduna in drooves. The popularly used transport park, the Mando Park was said to be busy with travelers heading out of Kaduna. Other non natives who have decided to stay are reported to have armed themselves in readiness to defend themselves.

In a related development, the President and the Commander in Chief of the armed forces – is scheduled to take off to Brazil today [June 19, 2012] for a Business meeting.

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  1. I have never seen such shoddy journalism, anywhere before. Are you so desperate for people to visit this site that you have even resorted to publishing lies? Its a big shame that the media now feeds off the hype of the anguish of the people affected in this crisis. No helicopter was shot down anywhere in Kaduna state. Why print something that you haven’t verified? Credibility = 0. And in what way exactly is your “related news”, related to anything about the crises for goodness’ sakes? God save us all.

  2. De trute is dat some of our muslim broda like violence.bcos if it were our mosque dat dey have bin bobin by now we could have fight bak so plis an plis we shul just embrase peace an stay togeda.

  3. @babsalam i doubt if u are a muslim.They the christians are the ones bombing their churches. Islam means peace.


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