Calling On Hon. Aniekan Umanah To Resign His Appointment For Professional Misconduct‏

Hon. Aniekan Umanah, Commissioner for Information, Akwa Ibom State

By Odudu Abasi Nicolas Edet

This piece is to reiterate the recent calls for the Akwa Ibom State
Commissioner of Information and Social Reorientation, Hon Aniekan
Umanah to resign his appoint forthwith over his involvement in a brawl
with two prostitutes few weeks ago, as this is seen as a
professional misconduct

“While the two ladies were fighting, Aniekan Umanah was busy putting
on his clothes. By the time he had the chance to calm down the two
ladies, the head of his mistress was split open by the prostitute; she
bled profusely. Sources say Aniekan panicked. When Aniekan Umanah
tried to leave the room through a window, his mistress caught him on
time by grapping his shirt…” – Dr. T. Essien

Some may ask where his so called security men (cult boys?) were before
his mistress knocked and walked into his room where the “prostitute”
was in bed ready for the show, or after the first round, or in the
act, or whatever; but one must remember that these cultist-kingpins
who are destroying Akwa Ibom State are like kids who have overbearing,
imposing and no-nonsense mothers. They quiver before their spouses
like those kinds of kids, particularly when caught in their
wrong-doing – when caught at their usual philandering acts, to be
exact about the type of wrongdoing in a sea of wrong and infantile
deeds by these men!
They go to great lengths to hide their affairs from their so-called
security aids. It is possible that Aniekan Umanah may have ordered his
so-called aids (cult boys?) to disappear while he was preparing for
his illegitimate sexual trysts.

It seems as if these men, because of their insincerity to their
spouses, and because of their penchant for cheating, and because of
their insidiousness, and because of – – – are in the habit of
always doing away with their security agents, cult-boys or not,
whenever they are engaged in activities which they deem must be kept
away from the knowledge of their spouses and from the public. The
story is told by an AIDN member of seeing their king of cultist,
Godswill Obot Akpabio, on one of such philandering missions
somewhere in a Texas city he refused to name, as if many do not know
that Godswill Obot Akpabio visits Houston quite often, without his
security guards.

We remember also Ekpenyong Ntekim’s explanation of what Mr.
Ntekim inadvertently gave away as a totally suspicious explanation in
the death of Onyong Etim Asuquo. This is what Mr. ntekim said: For
the avoidance of doubt, upon arrival at the Hospital, I was briefed by
the aides of late Pastor Oyong led by Ebute, that he left his Oron
residence at about 3am for Uyo, driving alone and was followed by the
aides in a separate car, with less than 10 minutes interval between
them”. One of the major questions asked then was: “why ten minutes
interval between the protected and the protectors at 3.00AM?”
Needless to say that Mr. Ntekin disappeared without answering that

Here again, the usually loquacious Aniekan Umanah has disapperaed.
One of Aniekan Umanah’s gifted talent as Commissioner of Information
is his disappearing act, when either caught lying, or whenever any
questions that would highlight such lies are asked. These men all
know their onions when it comes to lies and to their nefarious

If they feared God as much as they fear their legal partners
(wives) by hiding their extra-marital sexual escapades, they would
have done well for the State as government officials. Their trust
rather are in the amount of lies, deceit, blind trust in the cult as
an instrument of getting them into illegitimate power and wealth, and
in their over-bloated confidence that they can outwink anyone. Greedy
sycophants, sectional sing-song artists, political jobbers and
disgraceful beggars for political favors and positions are always
left to defend these insidious characters by attempting answers to
questions avoided by their masters; or by trying to explain away what
their masters cannot explain; like this disgraceful sexual conduct
with a “prostitute” by Aniekan Umanah.

In a country where the Rule of Law precedes all else, Aniekan
Umanh would never have remained a public servant to this day; but in a
country where the chief servant and cultist acts as the chief master
and ‘Don” of all other “mafiosi”, these are the kinds of men who wield
power by terror, ducking for cover when caught in acts such as Aniekan
Umanah has been caught. Nine days the thief has; the tenth belongs to
the owner of the field which he or she had been plundering. The
philandering men and women of the Akpabio administration have
forgotten that their acts cannot always be hidden from the public,
or from their spouses, despite denials by them or by their boi-boi
greedy probationists and law-breakers!!!
I will therefore join thousands of Nigeria to sincerely call on
Aniekan Umanah to honorably resign his appointment as Commissioner of
Information and Social Reorientation to stop further call
embarrassment to himself, the state and the government.

OduduAbasi Nicolas Edet




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