Uduaghan Leads As Delta Civil Servants Undergo Intensive Training At World Bank College In Singapore


To provide training, best services in public administration and management, the Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan led a delegation of government and top civil servants to Singapore for intensive training and interactive session with the World Bank officials.


The session which held at the Civil Service College in Singapore featured lectures, trainings, technical session, team sessions, briefings, as well as questions and answer sessions.


By sharing the Singapore public sector reforms, initiative and management practices, Dr Uduaghan said that Deltans at the driving seat of government policies and programmes will be repositioned to fast track development, attract more investors and create employment.


He said the training will help to look at the state from a larger picture, enhance collaboration with development partners like the World Bank which will lead to human and infrastructure development.


The Governor who used the opportunity to highlight the achievements and challenges of his administration since 2007, called on the World Bank to above all things help the state with technical assistance that will equip government officials with technical capacity to cope with global challenges.


He also charged the participants to articulate, plan, time and strategize to achieve the overall objectives of job creation.


The two major facilitators of the training sessions, the program manager, investment climate advisory services, World Bank group, Mr. Gokhan Akinci, and the senior vice president, planning and business development, Mr. Lawrence Wip, spoke on building capacity, adapting, shaping, integrating, communication and setting of pace.


They stressed the needt o sequence initiative and the need for honest professional assessment by discarding initiatives that are not working.


They called for planning, training, strategizing and the identification of key performance indicators.


The facilitators, however, expressed optimism that with shared vision and team work, sub-national success is not only possible but necessary.


The participants were also presented with certificates at the end of the programme.


Meanwhile, Governor Uduaghan says he will initialize change and sustain transformation within the public service through training and development.


Dr. Uduaghan stated this at the end of the training and interactive session between the World Bank team and the state delegation, at the civil service college in Singapore.


The governor noted that the vibrant civil service in Singapore and Rwanda has been the catalyst ofthe accelerated development of the two countries.


As a co-driver of government policy and programs, Dr. Uduaghan said he will not only ensure the institutionalization of the public sector values, but will ensure that they have the prerequisite knowledge to function effectively.


The governor said hewill request the Head of Service to organize a training programme for key DeltaState civil servants, in Singapore.


Also, to ensure that the Singapore experience is immediately put into practice, Governor Uduaghan has set up an inter ministerial committee to implement the lessons of Singapore.


He said the committee made up of some members of his delegation will focus on transportation, public work, environment and commerce to bring about noticeable changes within the various sectors.


He urged the Commissioner for Economic Planning to set the pace by making it possible for budget to be presented by September.


In his remarks, the commissioner for economic planning, Mr. Kenneth Okpara, said the presence of the state delegation led by the governor, have sent a strong message to the World Bank that Delta State government means business.


Mr. Okpara said, with the knowledge gained from the training, the team would help to drive government’s vision, which ultimate aim is to create jobs.



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