Gov. Okorocha Attracts 500 Billion Dollar Shopping Mall For Imo


Imo state governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has attracted a shopping
mall worth 500 million Dollars to the state.

This was disclosed by Sen. Annie Okonkwo a major stakeholder in the
project in Owerri, the capital of Imo state.

According to him, the shopping mall will be built by a consortium led
by Topright and in partnership with Shopright, Wallmart and other
notable world supermarkets chains.

He stated that the project becomes feasible owing to the conducive
environment and infrastructural advancement which Gov. Okorocha’s
administration has provided for investment flow into the state.

“Gov. Okorocha is massively building roads, hospitals and schools
which have obviously made the state attractive for foreign investors.
For what he has done, we are going to build a shopping mall in Imo
state and this will be about 500 Billion Dollars investment. The
investors have been all reached. In fact, many in big shopping mall business have shown interest because Imo state governor is leading the
way in providing the amenities and infrastructure to enable others
contribute in developing the state. The shopping mall will be built
by a group companies led by Topright ventures with other partners like
the Wallmark, Shopright and other world supermarkets big chains,” Sen.
Okonkwo explained.

Chinedu Offor SSA Media to the Governor


  1. The headline said $500 million but the story said $500 billion? Which is correct or is it typo? Please clarify. Thanks for a good story anyway.

  2. I just remembered a one time village chief in my town whose title was chief ‘ahu n’anya ekwe’ meaning ‘seeing is believing’. I liked that man a lot especially what he used to say that ’till when shall children be decieved by parent’s empty promises of bean cake?’. Children are really growing up these days.

  3. The shopping mall needs to be distributed and built in the other two urban towns of Okigwe and Orlu. Sure such shopping malls built in these other two towns must yield dividends fast and enough. Let’s make all parts of Imo state equally develop fast, like it is done in other neighbouring states, and not continue with lopsided development.


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