Ohaneze Kano Speaks On Boko Haram Bombings

Akogwu Enenche - Channels Reporter gundown in Kano


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21st January, 2012



About a month ago, the dreaded Islamic terrorist gang called Boko Haram issued a threat message ordering all Southerners to vacate the North or face annihilation. Though the three day ultimatum they gave had elapsed with some pockets of attacks inBorno, Niger,YobeStatesetc. Ohanaeze Ndigbo,Kano foresaw the wreckage that took place in Kano on Friday, January 20th 2012.

If we can recall,Kanowas the first base of Boko Haram insurgence following their first onslaught in April 2007 when the Boko Haram elements invadedKanothrough the Panshekara axis and engaged security agencies in a series of attacks that claimed lives and government properties.


Since then, they have continued to put an eye onKanowith malicious concentration on non-natives. Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano, can also state without fear of contradiction that the January 20, 2012 attack on Kano remains the only biggest coordinated attack by the Islamic terrorist group where about nine locations were bombed and lives (including one Mr. Ibe, an insurance broker was killed) and properties lost!


In this light, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano is convinced that there is a planned JIHAD on non-natives inKano, particularly, the Igbos. Security report reaching us indicates that there is a serious plot by the Islamic terrorist group to invade Sabon Gari Kano, an enclave pre-dominantly dominated by the Igbos.

We are also aware that this Islamic group serving the interest of some Islamic Clerics, Northern traditional rulers and ruthless politicians, have a big plan to bomb Churches, public places, hotels and selected private homes within Sabon Gari Kano.


There is no gainsaying the fact that our people are now scared. The Igbos resident inKanois living with naked fear and apprehension. Though there are few of us who may like to stay and defend ourselves, the majority of us, particularly, women and children, numbering over three million are jostling to leave the North (Kano), because unfolding events indicate that the North (Kano) is no longer safe for easterners.


Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano, thereby call on the governors of the Eastern States and Igbo speaking States in the South-South to provide means of transportation with adequate security to evacuate our brethren who would want to leave because human life is precious and should be protected as such.


For the fact that in the January 20th 2012 attack on Kano, even Journalists were not spared with the killing of the channels reporter, Eneche Akogwu, by the Boko Haram terrorists, means that nobody’s live is protected in Kano. Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano, with a deep heart, uses this opportunity to commiserate with the National President of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Muhammed Garba and all working Journalists inNigeria. The killing of Eneche Akogwu brings to two, innocent Journalists who have fallen victim to the wicked attack and agenda of the Islamic Boko Haram in recent times.


Finally, we call on President Goodluck Jonathan to identify the sponsors of these killers and make them face the wrath of the law. Failure to do this means that Mr. President is failing Nigerians who voted him into power.


Hon. Chief Tobias Michael Idika



  1. Honorable Tobias Michael Idika, President General of Ohaneze Kano, I am so disappointed with your press release. Anybody can write that and get noticed. If I were living in Kano and belong to your meeting, I will call for your immediate removal as the President of Ohaneze Kano. What happened to “fighting back”? What happened to “AN EYE FOR AN EYE”? The only language a violent man understands is violence. You Igbos living in Kano did it before and it worked. You fought back and won. Do it again. Defend yourselves and the best defence is offence. Take the fight to the terrorists. Identify their spnsors yourselves and hit them. If the Federal and State Governments cannot defend your lives and properties, do it yourselves. Nigeria belongs to all of us no matter where you live and pay tax. You are Nigerians.

    Peace talk is a 2-way business. Right now, you are the only one talking. DEFEND YOURSELVES. Period.

    • u’ve spoken right, an eye 4 an eye, unmask them, hunt them and kill them all is my advice, if the police try to stop u, u include them and end their lives.

  2. Igbos have been told OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO LEAVE THE NORTH. I have personally written of the coming carnage weeks and months ago and NOBODY LISTENED.We KEEP DEVELOPING OTHER PEOPLES AREAS. LAGOS ,KANO KADUNA ETC LEAVING THE EAST. TAA BU GBOOO IF YOU CAN LEARN. Something terrible is coming NdiIgbo do not fold your hands BUT HAVE YOUR ARMS FORPROTECTION AS YOU LEAVE.Nija is going DOWN THE DRAIN SIMPLY SAID

  3. Nwa Afo Igbo you got it all wrong. Be objective Nwa Afo. Do you think that BH are not in your village? While you and your women are bickering in America the BH are at the door knocking and ready to smash the door. Do you think that those Igbo robbers that were given arms to rob and kidnap their brothers were doing that in the vacuum are you that naive? Nwa Afo Do you think that the war is over? It was well thought out and PSCHYOPed by Nigerian intelligence SSS. What part of Nigeria have you heard where police were selling arms to robbers and releasing to the community to continue operation? It is like in America were the racist police will sell guns to black neighborhood and they use it to kill themselves that is what Nigeria are doing to you Igbo people. It is not happening in Yoruba or Hausa land but only in Igbo land. Bro do not be naive, okay! You are naive, that is why the Igbos will continue to be killed. Igbos are in deep trouble more than know it. What is needed is to make some Igbo money men and leaders to realize the BH is a big business, a few Hausa men are doing it why not we. It is the biggest control business in town. Nigerian government will not save an Igbo man. A Yoruba man has been calling for more genocide and Hausas has been acting it out. Igbo’s option is to recognize that they are hated and cannot hate self too. They have to create their own intelligence and BH group. Oduduwa, Hausa/Fulani and even Niger Delta have their own intelligence, why can’t the Igbo’s. Have you seen Somalia on TV, that is what Igbo land was meant to look like, everybody carrying gun, kidnapper and killing themselves. Nigerians defense taking turn on Igbo people, bro they meant to destroy you. So far we have been lucky. Then Igbo leaders will stop selling out and earn their respect in Nigeria. This is the only way for Igbo survival and no two ways. An average Igbo politician or business men and women are not equal to others from the other region under the law and they do no know it, ’cause they are naive.

  4. well, i definitely dont know what the ibo’s are still doing in the north, the bible made us to understand that any where you visit and you are not accepted, you should dust your shoes and leave there, the ibo’s should dust their feet and leave the north for these people. period.

  5. The igbo jingoist. You are a madman. Majority of Kano bomb blast victims are Muslims and kano indigenes. The attackers do not discriminate in their shooting and killing whether you are Northerner, Southerner, Christians or Muslims. You are a good target. If you think you can incite Nigerians to attack one another, your so-called tribemen, that believe in your stupid press release will be the losers

    • Laraba,
      You must be blind. Can you Northerners for once say things as they are. However, be rest assured that your opinion does not matter in Igbo affairs. Any Igbo man in the up North who is not making plans to leave is entirely on his own.

  6. @Labaran you jst lied,d fact is dat d christians expecially igbos are targeted.its only a blind man dat wil say d igbos are nt dia target.and if u think yhey will keep calm while bokoharam kill them,it wont last,they will strike and wen they do it will b bloody.lets jst pray to Allah dis will be resolved peacefully.

  7. Everyone has something 2 say, I bet most or all of you are not resident in kano where the heat is on.You make silly comments about what should and what shouldn’t be done like u’d do any better if you were in these circumstances yourselves…Talk is cheap..

  8. my heart is broken reading this article.but this could be a media gimmick cos this is just a website and under 5k you can have and run your own website.So people can say whatever they like.I believe the Ohaneze Kano knows Ibo people are part of us and they contribute immensely to the development of kano and he knows a lot of kano indigenes value Ibos.So i am sure an idiot just woke up and made up the story to incite hatred among us but definately not the NDIGBO as claimed.You fools can say what ever you want to say but BK killed over 200people among them hausas ,yoruba,edo’s,urobos,tv’s and name them all but you only made mention of an ibo journalist which really shows you are personal grudges against hausa

    • Be honest 4 once cant u see what your B/H has done 2 d Igbos in those Churches nd places they bombed? Madalla, mubi, Damaturu even Kano etc? Which other tribe had the worst hit apart from the Igbos? Remember your sharia victims during Obasanjo’s tenure

  9. It is surely a very difficult time for our country. While I advocate restraint in comments from people who are obviously angered by the hellish madness unleashed on the society by the faceless Boko Haram, I enjoin the government and indeed all responsible holders of authority to quickly calvanize acts towards effectively combating this most heinous threat to both the lives of Nigerians and the corporate existence of Nigeria. It surely goes beyond attacks on any particular groups, however any group should be at liberty to indulge in acts that would insure self preservation in this face of protracted anomie. It is only a tree that remains stationary even when discussions to fell it are held beside it. While people and groups await response from governments and concerned international bodies, positive actions to keep alive are the prerogative of those whose lives are immediately threatened. I make bold to say that the leadership of the North needs courage in the fight against this group, else one might be tempted to conclude that there is some uncanny connivance in the whole mix. It is everyman’s responsibility to preserve everyman’s life, if not everyman is at the precipice, barely surviving for the moment.

  10. I wonder why Boko Haram have not understood what Igbos can do, they better have an insite on what Igbos did 1967/70. Infact they should go and get prepared because MASSOB will be a thunderlike hitback not bomb any more.

  11. u must be mad Pat, if the police in kano that have all the ammunition cannot defend themselves, what make u think that crappy s/gari people can defend themselves from boko haram? is like u hv a building u want to defend with peoples blood.


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