Senate Must Lead By Example – says Senator Igbeke


From Chuks Collins, Awka

The embattled Senator Alphonsus Igbeke, representing Anambra North on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) has charged the leadership of the Senate to lead by example and do the right thing and allow him take his rightful place among the members of the upper legislature at once.

Igbeke noted that he had passed through all the necessary clearance and protocol in the National Assembly ahead of his inauguration before his political opponents came up with some issues he described as baseless to truncate his chances. To this he said that the Senate leadership appeared to have most unfortunately and sadly acquiesced, “thereby leaving a very dangerous precedence for our democracy”.

Reacting to series of reports on his attempts to take a seat among his colleagues in the senate, Sen Igbeke who sought re-election in the April general elections said, “yes I am not happy because I see a calculated attempt by the Senate leadership again to deny me my seat and I strongly believe that Nigerians know that.

“Thes action was despite the fact that I have my Certificate of Return, passed through the rigorous clearance process in the National Assembly, been issued with my own copy of the Constitution and Senate Rules, given my feeding vouchers and allocated Room 232 at the Chelsea Hotels alongside other senators. All these could only be given to elected members who have satisfied all the requirements and ready for inauguration”, he added.

Flanked by friends and supporters who thronged him on arrival into the state on his way to a social engagement, Igbeke said he believed that he has gone beyond all reasonable doubt to prove his point, with two court orders and one court judgement all in his favour, yet the senate leadership still appear reluctant to comply and take him on board.

According to him it’s no longer about Igbeke but about judicial precedence that could endanger our democracy, “because anyone could use any means to stop the inauguration of anyone including a president tomorrow and go to hide under this precedence”.

But reacting though his media consultant, Clems Aguiyi, one of his opponents Prince John Emeka said he has implicit confidence in the senate leadership and the judiciary to do the right things. He accused Igbeke of fabricating some poll documents and would not fold his hands for that to continue.


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