Anambra Grandmother nabbed with 1.5kg Cocaine

Ozoekwe Franca

Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have apprehended a 59 year old grandmother at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos. The suspect was to export 1.500kg of powdery substance that tested positive to cocaine. She was arrested last weekend during the screening of British Airways passengers to London Heathrow airport with the drug neatly hidden in the sides of her luggage.

NDLEA Commander at the Airport, Alhaji Hamza Umar explained that the drug was detected at the luggage checking desk at the international wing of the airport. According to Hamza, “a 59 year old grandmother, Ozekwe Franca had been arrested by NDLEA operatives. She was arrested following the discovery of 1.500kg of cocaine in her luggage during routine check”.

Franca with parcels of cocaine

Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade described the grandmother’s action as disappointing. “It is difficult to comprehend her motivation for drug trafficking at 59. Her action is disappointing. This is one wrong step with adverse consequences for the rest of her life” Giade stated.

Preliminary investigation by the NDLEA shows that the suspect travelled to London 5 years ago. She is married with eight children, two males and six females all married with children. She hails from Umunya town in Anambra State South East Nigeria.

Franca with parcels of cocaine

The 59 year old grandmother however told narcotic investigators that she was promised the sum of five thousand pound 5,000. “This is my first time of engaging in drug trafficking. I was given the bag with the drug hidden in it and they promised to pay me the sum of five thousand pounds. The man that organised the deal used to meet with me in an eatery in Lagos. He never told me that I will be caught. I was devastated the moment the drug was discovered. It was like the end of my world because I told my husband in Umunya town in Anambra State that I was going to Lagos” Franca stated.

She will soon be arraigned at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi Lagos.



  1. This woman does not look like a 59 year old Grandmother. She looked much older than that age given. She will be more like 89 year old to me looking at her first picture.
    Hope she learns her lessons.

  2. @ Adams you sound tribal and funny.Not long ago an old Yoruba woman was caught with similar things see it here
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