BreakingNews: Nigeria Police Arrest Three of Abia Gang Rapists


Confirmatory information reaching indicate that a special task force of the Nigerian Police swooped in on three of the rapists at their hiding place to arrest them.

According to the information received two of the rapist were  arrested first in the evening of Friday September 23, 2011 – and following information gathered from the arrested suspects, the third individual was picked up today.

Also, the identity of the girl [victim] in question were said to have been confirmed to be Nneoma – who is not a student of Abia State University.

The police remains tight lipped on the arrests.

Governor T. A. Orji had issued a hard directive yesterday for the suspects to be fished out and arrested.

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  1. Even if Nneoma is not a student of Abia state University, must that be a condition for her to be raped. Those rapist me be sent to jail

  2. its a shame that in our world, men treat women like animals,slaves. just see what those 5 beasts did to that girl. our national assembly better pass a bill to make rapists spend the rest of their life in prison with hard labour. rapists rape everyday. our women should be protected.


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