MOSOP Leadership: We are Standing For The Truth – Coordinator

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The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) Babbe Kingdom says the Ogoni people will continue to stand for the truth and support the elected and legitimate president of the movement, Mr Fegalo Nsuke. Coordinator of MOSOP in BabbeKingdom, Chief  Damgbor Deue who spoke yesterday in Bori, headquarter of Khana local government area said Babbe Kingdom was standing with Nsuke’s leadership because it emananetd out of a valid and transparent election.

Chief Damgbor also joined in condemning the action of some persons and their friends who recently came against the elected executive of MOSOP describing the move as unconstitutional, useless and an attempt to destroy the democratic tenets of MOSOP.

The MOSOP, Kingdom Coordinator further stated that the Babbe Kingdom is committed to the truth about the situation in MOSOP.. Chief Deue said the Babbe Kingdom recognises only one legitimate executive of MOSOP led by Fegalo Nsuke because he was duly elected on December 19 2018 in the full glare of everyone.

Chief Damgbor Deue who spoke in Bori on Saturday said the action of some individuals led by a former president of the movement does not have the backing of the Babbe people nor has it any foundation in the constitution of MOSOP and the people declare their rejection and condemnation of the move which he said is only targeted at causing crises in the movement and serving personal interests. Chief Deue said the Babbe people will continue to support Nsuke who is the only legitimate and elected president of the movement until the expiration of his tenure in December 2021.

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Chief Deue further noted that as rights campaigners, “it is our duty to stand for the truth and not tolerate the reckless falsehood that has been represented in Tamana, Biira, Gbaranor or any other attempts to cause crises and disunity in MOSOP and Ogoni”.

“We all participated in the election of December 2018 and saw the election of Mr Fegalo Nsuke as the president of MOSOP.. We do not know any other person and so the insinuations of multiple presidents are false” Chief Deue said yesterday.

The MOSOP Coordinator said anyone else outside Nsuke who claims to be president of MOSOP should tell the public how he emerged.

“We know how Nsuke emerged and we witnessed his election on December 19, 2018. We were part of the election. Let any other person claiming the president of MOSOP bring out his evidence. We insist that anyone else apart from Nsuke whom we know won the December 19, 2018 presidency election should produce evidence of his election ” He said.

“I think we are encouraging evil by speaking of multiple heads of MOSOP when we all know that there is only one person who contested and won the presidency election of December 2018” Chief Deue further said.

The conduct of the group led by a former MOSOP President is condemnable as it is an assault against the constitution of MOSOP, it has no backing in our constitution and it challenges our moral rights to speak against injustice and human rights if we will promote the falsehood which the actions of Biira, Keeper Gbaranor and Tamana represents, the Babbe coordinator said.

“Before we speak of multiple MOSOP presidents, let us ask Tamana, Gbaranor and Biira to present the records and evidence of their elections as stipulated in the constitution of MOSOP” Chief Deue said

“As Coordinator of MOSOP in Babbe, I can say that we do not know Gbaranor, Tamana and Biira or any other and they are only troublemakers who should not be taken seriously” the MOSOP Coordinator said.

The MOSOP kingdom leader questioned why the desperation to cause crises in the system when the next election is just by the corner giving us all another opportunity to run and be elected for any position we may be interested in. He said the Babbe kingdom will provide level playing ground for everyone during the forthcoming election.

“The next MOSOP election is just around the corner, the tenure of Nsuke’s executive comes to an end this year and I think the most appropriate thing to do is to come together and participate in the next election. I do not see any reason people should continue to promote descent in MOSOP just ahead of our next elections except their plans to cause crises”

Chief Deue said the Babbe people will continue to stand for the truth and the right thing and promote peace in their domain. He said the Babbe people will also continue to stand with the right leadership led by Fegalo Nsuke irrespective of the efforts of mischief makers.



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