Doctors reject Enugu NMA election, want cancellation

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Doctors under the aegis of concerned members of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Enugu State on Monday, rejected the election of Dr. Tony Onyia as the Chairman of the association in the state.

They called on the National Executive Council of NMA for immediate cancellation of the election and allow an election guided by NMA Constitution of financial up to date members cum institutions to vote for their candidate of choice to man the affairs of NMA in the state. 

But during the weekend there was news that one Dr. Tony Onyia, from ESUT Parklane Hospital, who allegedly masterminded the violent election of August was elected as the new chairman of the NMA Enugu by the National Caretaker Committee.

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In a statement by the Concerned Doctors, made available to The PUNCH on Monday, titled: “National Medical Association Caretaker Committee sent to normalize NMA Enugu disrupted election further, bastadized the NMA Constitution to concede winner to same man that brought world shame to medical professional on the election crises of 6th August 2020 in Enugu,” said they want a total cancellation of the election.

The statement signed the Chairman National Committee on Affliate Affairs, Dr. Rosemary Uzowulu, partly read: “It was a clear show of evil and gross corruption in the nation that is not just on the politicians as many assume but on the elite, medical profession to say the least.

“It was an election with great apathy, as eligible voters that came out on the 6th of August 2020 disrupted election from UNTH withdrew from participating in the repeat election, of what they branded as election of gross irregularities.

“The same man that paraded the blood show of shame was declared chairman of NMA Enugu state by the Caretaker Committee (CTC).”

It added, “Who then can uphold integrity in the nation if NMA, one of the highest respected body could not. Private Financial members from ESUT PARKLANE were denied right to vote because they are not in support of the very candidate that destroyed property in Enugu in an open fight of shame.

“Members that supported the candidate were listed out a night to election after the members have received private calls from the group days before the date CTC published their names that they will be coming for voting.

“It was a pre-informed attempt to destroy the profession,” it read.

The concerned doctors disclosed that petitions were raised by the contestants a night to election on getting the mischievous list published by CTC, NMA NEC but the aggrieved contestants conducted themselves during the election as not to cause disruption to the profession but to deal with it by way of association constitution.

They however, plead with general public who may see the election as a total disgrace to medical profession to be patience as the National Executive Council of NMA looks into the abnormally.



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