Officiate Final Burial Of Water Resources Bill, Igbo Unions task NASS

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The Association of South East Town Unions (ASETU), on Wednesday, commended the House of Representatives for rejecting the infamous Water Resources Bill.

The Igbo Unions, however tasked the House Members to officiate the final burial of the bill, insisting that it should never be allowed to resurrect again.

ASETU in statement signed by its National President and Secretary, Chief Emeka Diwe and Gideon Adikwuru, respectively, said as the voice of the Igbo grassroots, they will continue to defend her people.

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The statement read in part: “We are glad to receive the news of the rejection of the Water Resources Bill by the House of Representatives.

“We have also taken note of some of the Honorable Members of the Southern extraction who led vociferous opposition on the floor of the House against this very obnoxious bill. They have our sincere gratitude.

“However, we remain suspicious of the recommendation that the bill be “re-gazatted” and for a fresh legislative process towards its passage be commenced.”

It however, maintained that the bill is a plot to bring back the defeated RUGA agricultural program and to expropriate “our people from their land and water resources, and to the extent that Nigeria remains a federation, such law can never be allowed to stand”.

“We therefore call on the House Members to officiate the final burial of this bill and never to allow it to resurrect again.

“As the umbrella union of all the communities in Igboland, ASETU cannot but lend itself eternally to the defense of our people and to stand unflinchingly against anything that undermines their interest.”



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