Mbaise Disowns Uche Nwosu Chieftaincy Title, Sanctions Leo Nwokocha Other Monarchs

Mbaise Disowns Uche Nwosu Chieftaincy Title, Sanctions Leo Nwokocha Other Monarchs

EZURUEZU MBAISE GLOBAL                                                                                                              1125 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

August 20, 2018

Press Release

Title: Mbaise Disowns Uche Nwosu Chieftaincy Title, Sanctions Leo Nwokocha Other Monarchs


The Mbaise community socio-cultural Apex organization global network, the Ezuruezu Mbaise Global, has disclaimed a chieftaincy title conferred on Imo State Governement Chief of Staff, Mr Uche Nwosu, by a group of Monarchs under the name “Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers”, they adjudged illegally constituted, fraudulent, discredited and without reserved powers to do such, on behalf of the Mbaise Nation.


This was conveyed in a resolution signed by the group’s Moderator, Professor Eddie Oparaoji, Facilitator, Chief Alozie Aguwa, and one thousand other indegenes of Mbaise, from across the world, which stated that “the Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers is a body neither recognized by customary nor civil law, and therefore falsely usurped its representation of the culture and values of the Mbaise Nation, including the reserved powers to confer legitimate traditional titles. We hereby immediately cease all dealings, relationships with, and recognition of, this so called Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers as it is apparently illegal and fraudulently represents itself as an embodiment of Mbaise culture and values. We recommend that all other entities and individuals should do the same.”


They also resolved to “henceforth recommend to all entities and individuals to treat as rogue and non-custodians of our culture, and not accord any requisite protocols and privileges to those members of the fraudulent Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers, who participated in the charade of conferring a sham chieftaincy title on Uche Nwosu, namely Leo Nwokocha, O.C Nwokocha, Joe Olekah, Waturuocha, G.O Obasi, B. Nwaneche, Onyekachi Ukpabi, Tony Nwanguma, Mike Nwamara, Thankgod Eleweogu, A.A.Anyanwu, Okechukwu Adiukwu, Ifeanyu Uwahemo and Mmadinobi.


Speaking on the matter Professor Oparaoji said “the report that these greedy individuals received millions of Naira to sell a chietaincy title, they clearly have no reserved powers to confer, on an individual with no contributions to our community, on our most sacred Iri Ji Mbaise day, is abominable, embarrassing, odorous, and totally unacceptable to our great community. We will boycott them and demand all our associates and relationships to do the same. Boycotting them is to send a clear message that we are about to reset our corrupt Traditional Rulers institutions, and that our community does not tolerate impunity.”


To begin the reset, it appears, they did resolve that  henceforth  “the organization of the centralized Iri Ji Mbaise celebration will remain exclusively with Ndi Ezeji and Ezuruezu Mbaise, with appropriate protocol accorded Traditional Rulers.”

EZURUEZU MBAISE GLOBAL                                                                                                              1125 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

DATE: AUGUST 20, 2018






Prelude to the 2018 Iri Ji celebration, a high powered MLF led Ezuruezu Mbaise Global delegation delivered a petition, signed by about 1000 Umu Mbaise from across the globe, to the two main factions of Ndi Eze Mbaise, namely, the HRH Eze Alex Ike led “Ndi Eze Mbaise Cultural Association” and the Leo Nwokocha led “Mbaise Coucil of Traditional Rulers”. In the petition, we observed that “Umu Mbaise, at home and in the Diaspora, has been shockingly and embarrassingly drawn to a circulating press release, purportedly issued from the Office of Mr. Uche Nwosu, Chief of Staff to Governor Rochas Okorocha, Imo State, and signed by one Mrs. Vivien Onwuka, with the title, “MBAISE NATION TO CONFER CHIEFTAINANCY TITLE ON UGWUMBA UCHE NWOSU”.

The statement further claimed that: “The entire traditional rulers in the three Local Government Areas and ninety-one Autonomous Communities that make up the Mbaise Nation, have concluded arrangements to confer a reserved chieftaincy title on the Chief of Staff, Imo State Government House, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, during their new yam festival (Iriji Mbaise), which comes up on the 15th of August, 2018…This decision was communicated to the Chief of staff by the executive of the traditional rulers led by its Chairman, HRH Eze Leo Nwokocha…They solicted for his financial assistant to enable them achieve a well packaged event…”

We, Umu Mbaise, posited that “while we want to believe that this statement may be fake, with the intent to smear our Traditional Rulers and indeed the Mbaise Nation as opportunistic and greedy, we have nevertheless resolved to be pre-emptive in strongly condemning it for its apparent connotation to ridicule.”

We further averred that “while our people are not averse to recognizing worthy persons in our society, we wish to state clearly that the proposed candidate has neither been associated with any growth or development project anywhere in Mbaise, nor has made any investment or supported any foundation situated ANYWHERE in Mbaise. Therefore, he cannot be said to deserve Mbaise Community collective recognition or endorsement.”

Against these observations, we demanded that, “we, the aforementioned parent body, and the representing citizens with appendaged signatures, therefore, call on Your Royal Highnesses of the Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers, to immediately adopt a collective statement, disassociating yourselves from that press release, credited to Mr. Uche Nwosu’s office, which, without pretensions, is intended to humiliate the Mbaise Nation.”

On receiving our petition and according to the submitted report of our delegation, “Eze Leo Nwokocha thanked the delegation for the visit and assured us that the decision has since been made, NOT to confer any title on Mr. Uche Nwosu, or any other candidate, and that he, Eze Leo Nwokocha still stands by that.”

Leo Nwokocha lied to us and by extention, the Mbaise Nation – he did NOT “still stand by that”, as he and his facton – Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers, went ahead to confer a sham “chieftaincy” title on Mr. Uche Nwosu, on same Iri Ji Mbaise day.

Subsequent investigations have since revealed that, the “Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers” does not exist by law, and may have served only the purpose of perpetrating fraud on unsuspecting victims, in the name of the Mbaise Nation.

Against this background we, Umu Mbaise, therefore, resolve that;
1 – The “Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers” is a body neither recognized by customary nor civil law, and therefore falsely usurped its representation of the culture and values of the Mbaise Nation, including the reserved powers to confer legitimate traditional titles.

2 – We hereby immediately cease all dealings, relationships with, and recognition of, this so-called “Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers,” as it is apparently illegal and fraudulently represents itself as an embodiment of Mbaise culture and values. We recommend that all other entities and individuals should do the same.

3 – We will henceforth recommend to all entities and individuals, to treat as rogue and non-custodians of our culture, and not accord any requisite protocols and privileges to those members of the fraudulent “Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers,” who participated in the charade of conferring a sham “chieftaincy” title on Uche Nwosu, namely Leo Nwokocha, O.C Nwokocha, Joe Olekah, Waturuocha, G.O Obasi, B. Nwaneche, Innocent Ugochukwu, Onyekachi Ukpabi, Tony Nwanguma, Mike Nwamara, Thankgod Eleweogu, A. A. Anyanwu, Okechukwu Adiukwu, Ifeanyu Uwahemo and Mmadinobi.

4 – The organization of the centralized Iri Ji Mbaise celebration will remain exclusively with Ndi Ezeji and Ezuruezu Mbaise, with appropriate protocol accorded Traditional Rulers.

We, the undersigned, humbly submit this resolution in support of our parent body Ezuruezu Mbaise and on behalf of the Mbaise Nation. So help us God!

Long live Mbaise Nation.

~ 1000 Umu Mbaise



  1. Professor Eddie Oparaoji, Ahiazu LGA
    2. Ezeji (Chief) Alozie Aguwa, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    3. Dr. Law Osondu, Ahiazu LGA
    4. Mr. Casca Ohanele, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    5. Arc. Chukwunyere Ikwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    6. Dr. Adaeze Ezenwa, Ezinihitte LGA
    7. Mr. Ike Nwaobasi, Ezinihitte LGA
    8. Barr. Damasus Nwachukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    9. Sir Anthony Awusaku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    10. High Chief SOS Echendu, Ezinihitte LGA
    11. Uche Bonny-life Ndu, Ahiazu LGA
    12. Comrade Christian Agomuo, Ahiazu LGA
    13. Mr. Alex Nwahiri, Ahiazu LGA
    14. Chief Festus Anaele, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    15. Chief Kingsley Ekwubiri, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    16. Sir Obinna Nwandiko, Ezinihitte LGA
    17. Chief B.C. Nwachukwu, Ahiazu, LGA
    18. Chief Francis Iheanacho, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    19. Mr. Ikechukwu Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    20. Mr. Emeka Dibia, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    21. Barr. Emeka Ibe, Ahiazu LGA
    22. Barr. Emma Ekechukwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    23. Comrade Remigius Osuji, Ahiazu LGA
    24. Mr. Chiedozie Michael Dibia, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    25. Chief Jude Izukanma, Ezinihitte LGA
    26. Hon. Ikeokwu A. Nnodim, Aboh LGA
    27. Chief Steve I. Onu, Ahiazu LGA
    28. Sir Nnamdi Nick Nwuda, Ahiazu Mbaise
    29. Nze Bede Ikeoparah, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    30. Mr. Ethelbert Oleka, Ahiazu LGA
    31. Mr. Chidi Madu, Ahiazu LGA
    32. Dr. Oliver Obioma Osuji, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    33. Dr. Chika Okoro, Ahiazu LGA
    34. Mr. Joe Nze Eto, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    35. Dr. Augustus C. Odunze, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    36. Mr. Anayo C. Okorie, Ahiazu LGA
    37. Engr. Emeka Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    38. Mrs Jennifer Anwusi, Ezinihitte LGA
    39. Dr. Chukwuemeka Kadurumba, Ahiazu LGA
    40. Chief Blaize Kaduru, Ahiazu LGA
    41. Hon. Felix Nwachukwu, Ahiazu LGA
    42. Mr. Chris Ohanele, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    43. Moses Nwagwu, Ahiazu LGA
    44. Mr. Anayo Opara, Ahiazu LGA
    45. Mr. Nwachinemere Esogwu, Ahiazu LGA
    46. Dr. Joachin Onyinye Anyanwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    47. .Mr Paulinus Nwoko , Ahiazu LGA
    48. Mr. Chinedu Ochulo, Ezinihitte LGA
    49. Sir Oliver Ike, Ahiazu LGA
    50. Prince Ndy Oparaoji, Ahiazu LGA
    51. Dr. Collins Ugochukwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    52. Chief Dr. Adanze Aguwa, Aboh Maise LGA
    53. Dr. Victor Chilaka, Ezinihitte LGA
    54. Dr. Chukwuma M. Okoroji, Ezinihitte LGA
    55. Chief Steve Onymaechi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    56. Prince Ferdinand Alilonu, Ahiazu Mbaise LGA
    57. Chief Dr. Sir Sebastian Gubor, Ahiazu LGA
    58. Mr. Sonny Akpuda, Ahiazu LGA
    59. Mr. Modest Okorie, Ahiazu LGA
    60. Eberechukwu Ohaneje Aboh Mbaise LGA
    61. Mr.Chijioke Ibe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    62. Sir (Prince) Ike Nwaturuocha, Aboh Mbaise
    63. Ezeji (Prince) Ugorji K. Ufomaduh Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA.
    64. Professor Chamberlain Nwanne, Ezinihitte LGA
    65. Mr. Donatus Ekeanyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    66. Mr. Robert Unegbu, Ezinihitte LGA
    67. Mr. Chinedu Anthony Unegbu, Ezinihitte LGA
    68. Mr. Ugonna Unegbu, Ezinihitte LGA
    69. Mr. Chijioke Unegbu, Ezinihitte LGA
    70. Mr. Charles Ugwuibe, Ahiazu LGA
    71. Chief (Engr) Kelechi Eke, Ezinihitte LGA
    72. Chief Dr. Chris Anyanwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    73. Mr. Frank Ihekwoaba, Ahiazu LGA
    74. Mr. Obi J. Onuoha, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    75. Professor Paulinus Chigbu, Ahiazu LGA
    76. Dr. Geoffrey Ebere, Ezinihitte LGA
    77. Mr. Okoroha Vincent, Ahiazu LGA
    78. Dr. Kenneth Akwuole, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    79. Mr Theo Okonkwo, Ahiazu LGA
    80. Dr. Felix Nwaishi, Ezinihitte LGA
    81. Dr. Peter Nwaogu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    82. Mr. Anyanwu Michael Chigbaziri, Ahiazu LGA
    83. Ochiagha Obinna Mgbeahuruike, Ezinihitte LGA
    84. Chief Engr. Matthew Mbanaja, Ahiazu LGA
    85. Sobechi Collins Onyegbule, Ahiazu LGA
    86. Mr. Sixtus C. Oluigbo, Ahiazu LGA
    87. Mr. Paschal Nneji, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    88. Ezeji Ugonna Charles Nwoko, Ezinihitte LGA
    89. Emeka Obi, Ahiazu LGA
    90. Mrs Ijeoma Mark Abii, Ezinihitte LGA
    91. Mr. Gabriel Chilaka, Ezinihitte LGA
    92. Mr. Emmanuel Ndukwu, Ahiazu LGA
    93. Mr Ken Njoku, Ahiazu LGA
    94. Mr. Chibuzor Njoku, Ahiazu LGA
    95. Prince Amadiokoro, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    96. Mr Oguamanam Kelechi C., Ahiazu LGA
    97. Engr. Columbus Akalonu, Ahiazu LGA
    98. Eng. E.C. Ibeh, Ezinihitte LGA
    99. Mr. Jude Nwasogu, Ezinihitte LGA
    100. Mr. Ifeanyi Ugoala, Ahiazu LGA
    101. Engr. Barth Oparaji, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    102. Nkeiruka Opara Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    103. Chinedu Opara, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    104. Chidiebera J. Uneze, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    105. Henry Ekwuru, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    106. Mike Ikenna Ibeh, Ezinihitte LGA
    107. Dr. Nwaelugo Chukwuemeka Francis, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    108. Chizoba Ahamba Herald, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    109. Onyii Uloaku Okeahialam Ahiazu Mbaise
    110. Engr. Anyanwu Onyewuchi, Ezinihitte LGA
    111. Dim Emeka Obasi, Ahiazu LGA
    112. Professor Ignatius Onyeocha, Ahiazu LGA
    113. Chief Cliff Emeka Mbagwu, Ahiazu LGA
    114. Okechukwu Olelewe, Ahiazu LGA
    115. Nkwocha Charles, Ahiazu LGA
    116. Darlington Onwujiariri, Ahiazu LGA
    117. Ibe B.N. (Mrs), Ezinihitte LGA
    118. Comrade Emeka Anucha, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    119. Comrade Ethelbert Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    120. Uwaeme Ebere P. , Ezinihitte LGA
    121. Chidi Onwuekweikpe, Ezinihitte LGA
    122. Arc. Echebiri Emmanuel. Ezinihitte LGA
    123. Mr Nwoko Paulinus, Ahiazu Mbaise LGA
    124. Unegbu chukwudi – Ahiazu Mbaise
    125. Chibuzo Harold Chukwunyere Marizu, Ezinihitte LGA.
    126. Ekeh Xunny Gozie, Ezinihitte LGA
    127. Nwawudu Modest Ifeanyi. Aboh Mbaise LGA
    128. John Nwachukwu Ahiazu LGA
    129. Sebastian Ekeanyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    130. Nwoko Osinachi. Ahiazu LGA
    131. Engr Michael Chukwu Ahiazu LGA
    132. Ihuoma Uzoma, Ezinihitte LGA
    133. S,N.Ugoh.Ahiazu LGA
    134. Holdings Uchechi Nosike, Aboh Mbaise LGA.
    135. Collins Nwoko, Ahiazu LGA
    136. Onukogu Victor, Ezinihitte LGA
    137. Rex Obilor Enwere, Ahiazu LGA
    138. Chidozie Onwuliri Ahiazu LGA
    139. Eze Mark Odu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    140. Chief Kevin Abara, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    141. Prince Dyke Chibuikem Anyanwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    142. Njoku Ngozi Aboh Mbaise LGA
    143. Barr. Placid Dioka, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    144. Onyema Akpalaba , Ezinihitte LGA
    145. Chief Ambrose Ugboaja, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    146. Dr. Jude Ememe, Ahiazu LGA
    147. Barr Maxwell Opara-Ahiazu Mbaise
    148. Oleka Samuel Ikechi,.Ahiazu LGA
    149. Ohams Nnaemeka, Ahiazu LGA
    150. Engr. Kemjika Nwakwuo, Ezinihitte LGA
    151. Iro-Njoku Lawrence, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    152. Rev. Dr. Christopher Opara, Ahiazu LGA
    153. Chioma Sandra Ezeribe, Ezinihitte LGA
    154. Justus Obasi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    155. Obasi Jude Akajiaku, Ahiazu LGA
    156. Chiamaka chukwuemeka Ahiazu LGA
    157. Mr Chimaobi Nwachukwu, Ahiazu LGA
    158. Miss ibeh Adaku Ngozi, Ahiazu LGA
    159. Alex Acman Azuka Njoku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    160. Chinwe. Obaji. Ezinihite LGA
    161. Ethelbert Ihejirika, Ezinihitte LGA
    162. Akalonu chinasa Ahiazu LGA
    163. Nwoga Chibuzor.. Ahiazu LGA
    164. Engr Nnorom Okey, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    165. Bruno Esomonu, Ahiazu LGA
    166. Udochukwu Aguwa, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    167. Michael Dioka, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    168. Chizoba Ahamba, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    169. Arc Magnus Chilaka, Ezinihitte LGA
    170. Udochukwu Onuoha, Ahiazu LGA
    171. Emma Edoh, Aboh-Mbaise LGA
    172. Anogwi Anyanwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    173. Mazi Iweh Chidiebere Felix, Ezinihitte LGA
    174. Oliver Chuks O-Enwerem, Ezinihitte LGA
    175. Chidi B. Nwachukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    176. Obinna Mgbeahuruike, Ezinihitte LGA
    177. Cliff U. Nwogu, Ezinihitte LGA .
    178. Goddy Okoro, Ahiazu LGA
    179. Chief Obioma Anselm Chukwuka, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    180. Prince Marcel Onuoha, Ezinihitte LGA
    181. Chieke C.J., Aboh Mbaise LGA
    182. Ambassador Moses U. Ohaegbuchi, Ezinihitte LGA
    183. Paschal Ahaneku, Ahiazu LGA
    184. Esther Anosike, Aboh Mbaise
    185. Chief Emeka Njoku, Ahiazu LGA
    186. Chief Steve Uwazie, Ahiazu LGA
    187. Mrs BB Oku, Ezinihitte LGA
    188. Mrs Perpetua Ogoke, Ahiazu LGA
    189. Mr Fabian Ngozichukwuka Nwaoha, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    190. Ignatius C. Nwachukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    191. Ezenwa Nwawudu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    192. Dr. Sunny Ogulewe, Ahiazu LGA
    193. Mr. Churchill Nwagwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    194. Gerry Nwachukwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    195. Mr. Benjamin Chukwuebuka Uwaeme, Ezinihitte LGA
    196. Anthony O Alagba, Ahiazu LGA
    197. Kelechi Deca-Anyanwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    198. Onu Charles .Ahiazu LGA
    199. Barre. Bede Ojimadu, Ahiazu LGA
    200. Akudike Kenneth, Ahiazu LGA
    201. Nzeadi Uchechi, Ahiazu LGA
    202. John Opara, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    203. Dr. Clement Iro, Ezinihitte LGA
    204. Chief Engr Nkem Opara, Ahiazu LGA
    205. Chief Akalezi Chima Jude, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    206. Nwandu Gilbert, Ahiazu LGA
    207. Nkemneme Emmanuel, Ahiazu LGA
    208. Mr. Chinedu Agbakwuru, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    209. Remy Nnadozie, Eziudo Ezinihitte LGA
    210. Onyeaghala chimaeze Ahiazu LGA
    211. Jude Durueke, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    212. Anthony Nwachukwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    213. Maurice Nwachukwu, Ahiazu LGA
    214. Paschal Anyanwu- Ahiazu Mbaise
    215. Sir Cyprian Chilaka. Aboh Mbaise LGA
    216. Olelewe Declan, Ahiazu LGA
    217. C S Ikpeoha, Ezinihitte LGA
    218. Arc Nze Ogbonna Leonard E,. Aboh Mbaise LGA
    219. Hon Emmanuel Onuegbu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    220. Engr Ekechukwu Uchenna Alban, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    221. Hon chinedu Kingsley ugwu, Ahiazu LGA
    222. Elder Joe Agwulonu,Ahiazu LGA
    223. Peter Nwaogu Aboh Mbaise LGA
    224. Dr. Chris Onwukwe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    225. Mr. Frankline A. Nwachukwu. Aboh Mbaise LGA.
    226. Nenye Love, Ezinihitte LGA
    227. Comr. Engr. Nwabueze Carmillus, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    228. Onyema Okoroh, Ahiazu LGA
    229. Engr Eva lbe, Ezinihitte LGA
    230. Stanley Ndubuisi Obioma, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    231. St Matthew Ihuoma, Ezinihitte LGA
    232. Nwaete Chibueze, Ezinihitte LGA
    233. Iwuchukwu Sopuruchi Casmir, Ahiazu LGA
    234. Sir Victor Enyidede, Ezinihitte LGA
    235. Engr Austell Nnanyereugoh Ihedioha, Ahiazu LGA
    236. Chief Innocent Agochi Ihediwa, Ezinihitte LGA.
    237. Godson Enwerem, Ahiazu LGA
    238. Dr Chinedu Reyes Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    239. Mr Chinonso Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    240. Dr Felix Cameron, Ahiazu LGA
    241. Engr Kenny Gold, Ahiazu LGA
    242. Peters iwuh, Ahiazu LGA
    243. Diala Casmir Chinedu,Ahiazu LGA
    244. Engr. P.C.N Ogbonna: Aboh Mbaise LGA
    245. Dr Chinedu Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    246. Prince Marcel Onuoha: Ezinihitte LGA
    247. Anthony Awusaku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    248. Mr Paschal Kelechi Ekechukwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    249. Isaac Rachael Nkechinyerem, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    250. Chief Chima Onuoha , Ezinihitte LGA
    251. Ezeji Anorue Charles Okechukwu; Ezinihitte LGA
    252. Nnadozie Amaefule , Aboh Mbaise LGA
    253. Iheonunekwu Solomon, Ezinihitte LGA
    254. Engr Anyanwu Obioha Ikechukwu. Ahiazu LGA
    255. Elder/Sir/Dr. Elder Umunnakwe, Ezinihitte LGA
    256. Joe Ugonna Aboh Mbaise LGA
    257. Uche Ohaegbuchi, Ezinihitte LGA
    258. Chief Ugochukwu Osuji, Ezinihitte LGA
    259. Patrick Ekeanyanwu, Ahiazu LGA.
    260. Justin Onuoha, Ahiazu LGA
    261. Chief Dom Aririguzo. Ahiazu LGA
    262. Dr. Peter Ekechukwu Ahiazu LGA
    263. Emma R. Obi Nwankwo. Ezinihitte LGA.
    264. Ezeji Tobias Ogu, Ahiazu Mbaise LGA
    265. Stuart England, Ahiazu LGA
    266. Pastor Godswill Ikenna,.Ahiazu LGA
    267. Comrade Celine Njoku, Ahiazu LGA
    268. Engr. Geoff Nwaoko, Ezinihitte LGA
    269. Mr Ogu Jude, Ahiazu LGA
    270. Comrade Ibekwe Maxwell Chukwuemeka. Ahiazu LGA
    271. Odoemene Tochukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    272. Pastor Chinasaokwu Obasi Elias, Ezinihitte LGA
    273. Onyema Uche, Ahiazu LGA
    274. Mazi Raphael Ajuzieogu. Aboh Mbaise LGA
    275. Strategy V. I. Onyeneho, Ezinihitte LGA
    276. Iwuchukwu Eberechi Francis, Ahiazu LGA
    277. Comrade Wisdom Uche O., Ahiazu LGA
    278. Dr. Cornel Ujowundu, Ezinihitte LGA
    279. Chief (Mrs) Maria C. Ochulor, Ezinihitte LGA
    280. Hon. Chief (Mrs) Amaka Onuoha, Ezinihitte LGA
    281. Pius Ohaegbulem, Ahiazu LGA
    282. Thomas Ogoke, Ahiazu LGA
    283. Lambert Ewelik, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    284. Engr. Joe I. Nwoga, Ahiazu LGA
    285. Chief Wilson Iwu, Ahiazu LGA
    286. Barr. Charles Uhegbu KSJI, Ahiazu LGA
    287. Joe C. Akujobi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    288. BK Nworgu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    289. Ndukwu Prisca, Ahiazu LGA
    290. Comrade Kingsley Pius, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    291. Joseph Nwigwe, Ahiazu LGA
    292. Engr. Ethelbert Ezekwe, Ezinihitte LGA
    293. Chief Tony Nwishi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    294. Thaddeus Ohaeri, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    295. Samuel Ugorji, Ahiazu LGA
    296. Charles Nwachuku, Ahiazu LGA
    297. Engr. Nnadozie Achibiri,Ezinihitte LGA
    298. Dike Fabian Nnanyereugo, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    299. Engr Udegiri Ifeanyi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    300. Mr. Samuel Anozie, Ahiazu LGA
    301. Sir Happy Onyeulor, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    302. Placidus Chibuzor Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    303. Princess Philomena Desmond Ogugua, Ezinihitte LGA
    304. Eze Ogulewe, Ahiazu LGA
    305. Mr. Nneji Joseph C. Ahiazu LGA
    306. Eustace Amah, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    307. Chigoziem Ekwonye, Ezinihitte LGA
    308. Iwu Tochukwu Chinonyerem, Ezinihite LGA
    309. Damian C. Ugonna, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    310. Dr. Ogechi Okoro, Ahiazu LGA
    311. Fidelis Anyanwu Alilonu, Ezinihitte LGA
    312. Okechukwu Ikonne, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    313. Nkechinyere Ugorji, Ezinihitte LGA
    314. Mrs Uche Nwoko, Ezinihitte LGA
    315. Cornel Ekeh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    316. Osuji Alexander C. Ezinihitte LGA
    317. McDonal Amadi, Ezinihitte LGA
    318. Mr Andrew Ezewuchi Iroh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    319. Hon. Ugwo Cletus Esq., Aboh Mbaise LGA
    320. Franklin Mbakwe, Ahiazu LGA
    321. G. B. Ihuoma, Ezinihitte LGA
    322. Lawrence Nwahiri. Ahiazu LGA
    323. Sunnybestman Egwuatu, Ahiazu LGA
    324. Casmir Njoku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    325. Nze Chinedum Austin Iwuchukwu, Ahiazu LGA
    326. Stephen Anaele Iwu Ahiaza L G A
    327. Dr. Ndidi Oparaoji, Ahiazu LGA
    328. Chief Mike Unegbu, Ezinihitte LGA
    329. Engr. Chijioke Agulanna, Ahiazu LGA
    330.Sir Mathias Nwachukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    331. Lady Doris Nwuda, Ahiazu LGA
    332. Hon. Felicia Mbanaja –Hadjesmailli, Ahiazu LGA
    333. Remmy Ogbonna, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    334. Mrs Nkemjika Onuoha, Ahiazu LGA
    335. Hon Chris C. Onwukwe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    336. Reggie Alilonu, Ahiazu LGA
    337. Pauline Ufom, Ahizau LGA
    338. Dr. Law Opara, Ahiazu LGA
    339. Dr. Agaptus Chikwe, Ahiazu LGA
    340. Kester Enwereonu, Ezinihitte LGA
    341. Hon. Isaac Oji Oku, Ezinihitte LGA
    342. Dr. Chidi Nwachukwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    343. Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem, Ahiazu LGA
    344. John Iheoma, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    345. Mariner Hyaceinth Chuks, Ahiazu LGA
    346. Salome U. Wilson, Ezinihitte LGA
    347. Mr. Michael Ibeh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    348. Celestine Aririguzoh, Ahiazu LGA
    349. Sir Prince Hollidey Okeke, Ahiazu LGA
    350. Lady Mrs Gloria Odoemena, Ezinihitte LGA
    351. Dr. Sylvester U. Ugoh, Ahiazu LGA
    352. Dr. Uwadiegwu Kevin Ewulonu, Ezinihitte LGA
    353. Mr Pius Ohaegbulem, Ahiazu LGA
    354. Nworgu Paschal, Aboh Mbaise, LGA
    355. Chigaemezu Chrysogonus Njoku, Aboh Mbaise L.G.A
    356. Echi Nwogu, Ezinihitte LGA
    357. Anne Chukwunyere Egbuhuzo, Aboh Mbaise
    358. Rtr Joachim Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    359. Amako Uchenna, Ezinihitte LGA
    360. Emezi Obilor, Ezinihitte LGA
    361. Barr. Cletus Nwigwe, Ahiazu LGA
    362.Lady Felicia Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    363. Chief Alphonsus Nwigwe, Ahiazu LGA
    364. Emma Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    365. Iyem Ezechinyere, Ahiazu LGA
    366. Okenze Albert Mbata, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    367. Chidi Nwaogwugwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    368. Belusochukwu Enwere, Ahiazu LGA
    369. Chief Lawreance Osuala, Ahiazu LGA
    370. Dr. Rowland Opara, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    371. Onyinye Ekeocha, Ahiazu LGA
    372. Mr. Flavian Eke, Ezinihitte LGA
    373. Mr. Felix Onu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    374. Nze Anthony Chikezie, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    375. Gerald Ugwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    376. Mr. Emeka Udeze, Ahiazu LGA
    377. Barr. Eze S.C. Udo, Ahiazu LGA
    378. Dr. Chief Bernard okehi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    379. Dr. Innocent E. Okoronkwo, Ezinihitte LGA
    380. Mr. Godwin Nweke, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    381. Onyeoziri Finian Tochi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    382. Engr. John Franklin Nworgu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    383. Bartholomew Ogu, Ahiazu LGA
    384. Attorney Chinedu Iwuji, Ahiazu LGA
    385. Olikpe tochi Joshua, Ezinihitte LGA
    386. Chick O. Ibe, Aboh Mbaise L.G.A
    387. Akunna Chigozie. Ahiazu LGA
    388. Amako Chukwuagoziem John Paul,.Ezinihitte LGA
    389. Mr. Fidel Oguaka, Ahiazu LGA
    390. Engr. Udochukwu Godian Eke, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    391. Engr Akujobi Peters Aboh Mbaise LGA
    392. Dennis Osum, Ezinihitte LGA
    393. Ogunedo Chukwuemeka, Ahiazu Mbaise.LGA
    394. Evàng Dr Tony Okpara. JP, Ahiazu LG
    395. Bar Sylvia Iwejuo, Aboh-Mbaise LGA
    396. Chief Christiana Ekweremadu, Ahiazu LGA
    397. Vincent Akas, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    398. Comr sixtus Chinedu uhegbu, Ahiazu LGA
    399. Chief, Sir Ken Okehi, Ezinihitte LGA
    400. Ekechukwu Bruno, Ahiazu LGA
    401. Ufomadu okechi, Ahiazu LGA
    402. Mr Davis Uzosike, Ahiazu LGA
    403. Chief Emma Nwankwo, Aboh Mbaise LGA.
    404. Olelewe Vincent Aboh Mbaise LGA
    405. Uche Ogu, Ahiazu LGA
    406. Pastor Cyril Dike Ezinihitte LGA
    407. Chinyere Oparaji, Ahiazu LGA
    408. Iwuala Kelechi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    409. Barr Chidi Chilaka, Ahiazu LGA
    410. Igwe Solomon. Aboh Mbaise LGA
    411. Ugochukwu Osunka, Ezinihitte LGA
    412. Uche Ekwonye, Ezinihitte LGA.
    413. Mr Johnwisdom Ibe Aboh Mbaise LGA
    414. Chijioke Amechi, Ezinihitte LGA
    415. Chukwuma Mbahotu, Ezinihitte LGA
    416. Tpl. Madu Chimalex. Ezinihitte LGA
    417. Noble Eusebius Igbokwe, Ahiazu LGA
    418. Engr Justus Ekene Eke,Ezinihitte LGA
    419. Chief Eddy Obinna, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    420. Onwugharam Chiamaka Akudo B., Ezinihitte LGA.
    421. Akagburuonye Iheanyi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    422. Chibuzor Nwokoma, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    423. Echie Ogemdi Justin, Ezinihitte LGA
    424. Ichie Edwin Ibezimako, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    425. Olelewe Vincent. Aboh Mbaise
    426. Goddy Njoku, Ahiazu LGA
    427. Cyril Arungwa, Ezinihitte LGA
    428. Chief Mrs Ebere Amaechi-Akuechiama Ezinihitte LGA.
    429. Ojifo Longinus Onuoha.Ahiazu L G A
    430. Reginald c Ohajianya, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    431. Johnwisdom Ibe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    432. ChijiAnuri Mgbeahuruike, Aboh Mbaise
    433. Sir Ndubuisi Mgboko, Ezinihitte LGA
    434. Hon Chinedu Ezenwa. Ezinihitte LGA
    435. Mr Emma Anyanwu. Ahiazu LGA
    436. Mr Vincent Nosike , Ezinihitte LGA
    437. Ezenwa onyenwe Ezinihitte LGA
    438. Peter Udochukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    439. Engr. Chima Onyekwere, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    440. Emmanuel Nnamdi Nwachukwu. Aboh Mbaise LGA
    441. Mr Samuel Anozie, Ahiazu LGA.
    442. Engr udegiri ifeanyi, Aboh Mbaise L.G.A
    443. Hon. Chief G. O Ibeawuchi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    444. Chidi Ugoh,Ezinihitte LGA.
    445. Comrade Aloy uzoma Chimezie. Aboh Mbaise LGA
    446. Chibuike Uche, Ezinihitte LGA
    447. Odoemene K. C. ,Aboh Mbaise LGA
    448. Nneji Collins O. Ahiazu LGA
    449. Mr Basil Ugochukwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    450. Mr. Donald Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    451. Nze Bon Inechi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    452. Uwahemu Francis, Ahiazu LGA
    453. Cy Ojilere, Ahiazu LGA
    454. Sir Amby Uneze, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    455. Mrs Iwuji Genevive Chizomam , Ahiazu Mbaise.
    456. Dan U. Adiole, Ezinihitte, Mbaise
    457. Kingsley Onyenekwe, Ahiazu LGA
    458. Dr. Ijeoma Dozie, Ahiazu Mbaise LGA
    459. Libbra Ifeanyi Onuoha, Ahiazu LGA
    460. Ozurumba E.A. Ebubedike, Ezinihitte LGA
    461. Mr Chinedu Njoku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    462. Mr. Gabe C. Madu, Ezinihitte, LGA
    463. George Anicletus Amanze, Ezinihitte LGA
    464. Engr. Peter chibuike Dioka, Aboh mbaise LGA
    465. Mr. Frank Odu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    466. Engr. Clement Nwamadi, Ahiazu LGA
    467. Rtd. Gen. Joe Osuji, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    468. Sir Umezurike Madu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    469. Mr. Cajetan Igbokwe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    470. Dr. Sir Remmi Odoemena, Ezinihitte LGA
    471. Sir Chidi Amuzie, Ahiazu LGA
    472. Cornel Akubueze, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    473. Eke Uchenna Ignatius, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    474. Austin Wopara-Nwokoma, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    475. Uche P. Obilor, Ahiazu LGA
    476. Ulor Modestus, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    477. Chief Ike Nwosu, Ezinihitte LGA
    478. Duru Victor, Enyiogugu Aboh Mbaise LGA
    479. Surv. Okezie Ifeanyi Washington, Ezinihitte LGA
    480. Chiedozie Amadi Ogbuehi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    481. Emmanuel Osuji, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    482. Emma Nwoko, Ahiazu LGA
    483. Chinyere Osondu Amadi, Ahiazu LGA
    484. Ezebuiro Francis Ugonna.Aboh Mbaise LGA
    485. Chief Engr. Emmanuel Anosike, Ahiazu LGA
    486. Dr. Mrs Agatha Anosike, Ahiazu LGA
    487. Ihuoma Okorie, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    488. Engr. Emma Nwachukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    489. Mr Charles Akwuruoha, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    490. Mr. Ethel Akwuruoha, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    491. Mazi Emeka Eke, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    492. Okenze Sir C.N. Njoku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    493. Chief B.C. Ekwuru, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    494. Engr Charles Onyekwere, Ahiazu LGA
    495. Jude Uzoma Anyanwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    496. Chief Dr. Charles Iwejuo, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    497. Ikukundu Iyke Anyanwu,
    498. Barr Judex Nwawudu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    499. Iyke Njoku, Ahiazu LGA
    500. Ekeoma Amobi, Ezinihitte LGA
    501. Arc. F. Adibe Njoku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    502. Chiedozie Amadi Ogbuehi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    503. Anorue Anthony Caution, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    504. Mr Johnny Onyema Orji. Ahiazu LGA
    505. Greg Anowuru, Ahiazu LGA
    506. Al Adjaero, Ahiazu LGA
    507. Ike Eneremadu Ezinihitte LGA
    508. Ohakwe Chigbomkpa Stanley, Ahiazu Mbaise
    509. Chiemela Amuzie, Ezinihitte LGA
    510. John Okoroha Ahiazu LGA
    511. Paschal Nneji, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    512. Amb. Collins .C. Enyeribe Osuji. Aboh Mbaise LGA.
    513. Emeziem uche, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    514. Sunny Samuel Emeka Oparah, Ahiazu LGA.
    515. Bertrand Ogu. Ahiazu LGA
    516. Akagburuonye Iheanyi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    517. Richmond Osuji, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    518. Chima Chibuzo, Ahiazu LGA
    519. Chief Jeo Ehioma. Ahiazu LGA
    520. Mr Fidelis Ohaegbulem, Ahiazu LGA
    521. Prince Uche Rogers, Ahiazu LGA
    522. Engr. (Chief) Victor C Onyewuchi, Ezinihitte LGA
    523. Justus Chukwuma, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    524. Leonard Iwuh – Ahiazu LGA
    525. Mr. Athan Enyi. Ahiazu LGA
    526. Chief Ekwuru Tony, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    527. Mr Valentine Chibuike Agomuo, Ezinihitte LGA
    528. Engr. Greg Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    529. Rowland Igwe, Ahiazu LGA
    530. Dr, Vitalis Ojiegbe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    531. Chief Iheanacho Mbalewe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    532. Lolo Mary Mbalewe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    533. Chima Ike, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    534. John Iheoma, Ezinihitte LGA
    535. Macpeters I. Amakiri, Ezinihitte LGA
    536, Chief Frank Emeh, Ezinihitte LGA
    537. Prof. Jeff Ohanaja, Ahiazu LGA
    538. Prince Charles Nwaturuocha, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    539. Uche Oyinatumba, Ezinihitte LGA
    540. Nze Spencer Izuwa, Ezinihitte LGA
    541. Dr. Chima Dibia, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    542. Okorie Azu, Ahiazu LGA
    543. Iweajunwa chinedum, Ezinihitte LGA
    544. Nwaru Julian Akpuruodo, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    545. Anyanwu Chinwendu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    546. Mr. Chibueze Anyanwu,,Ahiazu LGA
    547. Mr Valentine Chibuike Agomuo, Ezinihitte LGA
    548. Comrade Ibe Clinton Chidozie, Ezinihitte LGA
    549. Nnaemeka Ogu, Ahiazu LGA
    550. Chukwueggu Onyekachi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    551. Chinasa M. Njoku, Aboh Mbaise LGA.
    552. Hon. Ambrose N. Nwaogwugwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA.
    553. Prince Ajuzieogu Nnawuchi, Ahiazu LGA
    554. Dr Philemon-Nelson Nwata, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    555. Deacon Bethrand Onuoha, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    556. Uka Nwanevu, Ezinihitte LGA
    557. Sir John Nwokoroku, Ahiazu LGA
    558. Emmanuel N Ejike Ezinihitte LGA
    559. Andy Nkemneme, Ahiazu LGA
    560. Dr. Onyema Nkwocha, Ahiazu LGA
    561. Polycarp Nwachukwu Esq. Aboh Mbaise LGA
    562. Col. Joseph Ekeagwu rtd., Aboh Mbaise LGA
    563. Dr. Charles U. Amanze, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    564. Alex Ekeanyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    565. Engr. Chizitere Ahiaukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    566. Abuchi Loveday, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    567. Comrade Ray Obinna Ukpabia, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    568. Ezeji (Barr) Ikechukwu Ogu, Ezinihitte LGA
    569. Sir Onyewuchi Ugwuibe, Ahiazu LGA
    570. Mr. Pat Onuoha, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    571. Engr. Magnus Nwachukwu-Udaku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    572. Mr. Ken Nwachukwu-Udaku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    573. Tyson Nwagwu, Ahiazu LGA
    574. Ibekwe Paschal Echefu, Ahiazu LGA
    575. Prince Victor U. Mbalewe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    576. Irene Chizzy Nwachukwu, Ezinihite LGA
    577. Chief Philip Eke, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    578. Maria Eke, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    579. Chioma Nwanyanwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    580. Chinagorom Emeka, Ahiazu LGA
    581. Mazi Remigius Elemamba, Ezinihitte LGA
    582. Chimaeze Amadi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    583. Miss Ibeh Cynthia, Ezinihitte LGA
    584. Dr. Chibuike Aguh Iheagwara, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    585. Robert N. Ugoh, Ahiazu LGA
    586. Uka Nwanevu Ezinihitte Mbaise
    587. Engr. Colman Okoro, Ahiazu LGA
    588. Mr. Johnny Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    589. Dr Onyi Gbujie, Ahiazu LGA
    590. Engr C.N. Uruakpa Aboh Mbaise
    591. Francis Metu, Ahiazu LGA
    592. Cynthia Maduabuchi, Ezinihitte LGA
    593. Barr (Sir) Steve Oleka Ahiazu LGA
    594. Mr. Peter Odu, Ezinihitte LGA
    595. Atty. Krista Nnnadi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    596. Okenze Bright Mmuoh, Ezinihitte LGA
    597. Adolphus Ugochukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    598. Mr. Tobias Nwachukwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    599. Dr. (Mrs) Bella Grace Uwakwe, Ahiazu LGA
    600. Mr. David Igbo, Ahiazu LGA
    601. Mr. Uzoma Ezekwe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    602. Daniel Ebere, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    603. Bldr. Dom N. Akwukwaegbu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    604. Prisca Oguike, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    605. Ugochukwu Azunna, Ezinihitte LGA
    606. Mr. Bede Obioma, Ahiazu LGA
    607. Mr. Charles Emeka Udocha, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    608. Uche Ibenna, Ahiazu LGA
    609. Emmanuela Ewelike, Ahiazu LGA
    610. Ngozi Njoku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    611. Cecelia Akajaku, Ezinihitte LGA
    612. Irene Nwosu, Ahiazu LGA
    613. Prof. Silas Ajuzie, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    614. Benedict Njoku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    615. Chukwuma Nwanyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    616. Pius Okechukwu, Ahiazu LGA
    617. Simon Nwagwu, Ezinihitte
    618. Callistus Njoku, Ahiazu LGA
    619. Simon Omeire, Ezinihitte LGA
    620. Virginia Okechukwu, Ahiazu Mbaise LGA
    621. Andrew Unachukwu, Ahiazu LGA
    623. Thed Madu, Ahiazu LGA
    624. Chief Victor Igbokwe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    625. Dr. (Mrs) Julie Okwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    626. Ann Okpara, Ahiazu LGA
    627. Ugochukwu Ogbuehi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    628. Miss Tina Chima, Ezinihitte LGA
    629. Roseline Ibeh, Ahiazu LGA
    631. Justina Duru, Ahiazu LGA
    632. Chinwe Akachi, Ezinihitte LGA
    633. Chizoba Orji, Ahiazu LGA
    634. Ogechukwu Uba, Ezinihitte LGA
    635. Sylvia Adibe, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    636. Esther Abara, Ezinihittee LGA
    637. Grace Ujumau, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    638. Vitus Ugworji, Ahiazu LGA
    639. Robert Ibeawuchi, Ezinihitte LGA
    640. Nze Remmy Enechi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    641. Bob Chukwu, Ahoh Mbaise LGA
    642. Bart Onye, Ezinihitte LGA
    642. Thaddeus Ekeh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    643. Theresa Ekeh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    645. Abraham Ekeh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    646. Daniel Ekeh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    647. Dr (Mrs) Margaret Ekeh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    648. Damian Njoku, Ahiazu LGA
    649. Kyrian Okwu, Ahiazu LGA
    650. Linus Okwu, Ahiazu LGA
    651. Festus Anyanwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    652. Christopher Ogu, Ezinihitte LGA
    653. Victoria Ugwu, Ahiazu Mbaise LGA
    654. Ben Okere, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    655. Dr. Chidi Uchechukwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    656. Barr. Charity Ike, Ezinihitte LGA
    657. Reginald Agbaraji, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    658. Boniface Ndugbu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    659. Cosmas Egbujor, Ezinihitte LGA
    660. Mike Okere, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    661. Ozioma Onuoha, Ezinihitte LGA
    662. Clement lewechi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    663. Ezinne Janet Opara, Ahiazu LGA
    664. Mrs Esther Anyanwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    665. Chief. Hillary Echeodo, Ahiazu Mbaise LGA
    666. Irene Onyenegecha, Ezinihitte LGA
    667. Kenneth Ihejirika, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    668. Barr. Louis Mbaegbu, Ezinihitte LGA
    669. Elias Anayo, Ezinihitte LGA
    670. Alozie Nwakanma, Ahiazu LGA
    671. Mr. Chris Ugwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    672. Matthew Agoha, Ezinihitte LGA
    673. Prof. Nick Onwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    674. Pst.Paul Osuji, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    675. Augustine Duruji, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    676. Chief Christian Onyekwere, Ezinihitte LGA
    677. Sir Leonard Nnamdi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    678. Dr. Ikechukwu Nwaneri, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    679. Barr. Nancy Nwaneri, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    680. Nze Richard Ejere, Ezinihitte LGA
    681. Gabriel Obi, Ahiazu LGA
    682. Johnson Umuna, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    683. Basil Nwanna, Ahiazu LGA
    684. Kennedy Uchechi, Ahiazu LGA
    685. Chief Oliver Mbah, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    686. Lolo Udoka Mbah, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    687. Dr. Eugene Ekeoma, Ahiazu LGA
    688. Mr. Ndubuisi Okoro, Ezinihitte LGA
    689. Okenze Zeph Nwabueze, Ahiazu LGA
    690. William Obasi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    691. McDonal Nneji, Ahiazu Mbaise LGA
    692. Phillip Ekene, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    693. Chief Cletus Dimkpa, Ezinihitte LGA
    694. Mrs Chika Egede, Ezinihitte LGA
    695. Evarest Amajuoyi, Ezinihitte LGA
    696. Catherine Eze, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    697. Lazerian Unamba, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    698. Athan Enyeribe, Ezinihitte LGA
    699. Miss Uloma Egwuatu, Ahiazu LGA
    700. Chief Douglas Ohaji, Ezinihitte LGA
    701. Nneka Nwachukwu, Ahiazu LGA
    702. Eucharia Echeazu, Ezinihitte LGA
    703. Chief (Mrs) Blessing Ejimadu, Ahiazu LGA
    704. Gakwe Joseph, Ahiazu LGA
    705. Korie Bonaventure Chukwuemeka, Ahiazu LGA
    706. Mazi Ebisike Hippolytus. Ahiazu LGA
    707. Prince Chibueze Chilaka-Ukpo. Ezinihitte LGA
    708. Anthony Ekeh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    709. Ezeji Fidelis Nzenwa Ogu, Ezinihitte LGA
    710. Nwanna Dominic Chikezie, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    711. Davi Nwaogu, Ezinihitte LGA
    712. Emmanuel Eneremadu Ezinihitte LGA.
    713. Nwagwu Onyekachi, About Mbaise LGA
    714 Okoro Polycarp, Ahiazu LGA
    715, Gregory Oledinma, Ahiazu LGA
    716. Engr. Emeka Anyanwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    717. Arc. Nzerem Kennethmac, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    718. Remmy Ogbonna, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    719. Kachi Amuchie, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    720. Dr Marizu Njoku:Ahiazu LGA
    721. Dr. Anamelechi Aguwa, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    722. Professor Emma Maduakor, Ahiazu LGA
    723. William chinedu iwuji, Ahiazu LGA
    724. Buchi Iwuji, Ahiazu LGA
    725. Barr Richmond Akwiti, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    726. Mr. Bede Ajaegbu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    727. Nwachukwu Nnamdi Emmanuel. Aboh Mbaise LGA
    728. Onyeze Chukwudi Ogbonna, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    729. Dr victory ibegbulem, Ezinihitte LGA
    730. Sir Felix Acholonu, Ahiazu LGA
    731.Ben Okoro,Ezinihitte LGA
    732. Emeka Dibia, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    733. Edwin Anaele, Ezinihitte LGA
    734. Laeticia Njoku, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    735. Emmanuel Onyebuenyi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    736. Chief Alex Eze Nwankpa, Ezinihitte LGA
    737. Stanley Onye Ezinihitte LGA
    738. Innocent Oguguo, Ahiazu LGA
    739. Paul Nwakudu, Ezinihitte LGA
    740. Assumpta Chapp-Jumbo, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    741. Edward Eze, Ezinihitte LGA
    742. Umezirike Madu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    743.Onyewuchi David, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    744. Onyewuchi Nkechi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    745. Chief A.C Osuagwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    746. High Chief Sir Innocent Ahaghotu, Ezinihitte LG
    747. Assumpta Dibia-Ekeh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    748. Emmanuel Ekeh, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    749. Caius Erege, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    750. Collins Olorondu, Ezinihitte LGA
    751. Aloysius Amaechi, Ezinihitte LGA
    752. Godwill Nwanne, Ezinihitte LGA
    753. Hon. Ezenwa Adiuku, Ezinihitte LGA
    754. Lady Ndidiamaka Kechere Ezeh, Ezinihitte LGA
    755. Mr. Emmanuel Uba Nwachukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    756. Obinna Egbule Ezinihitte LGA
    757. TPL. Nnabugwu Chika I. Ezinihitte LGA
    758. Hon Nwachukwu Saviour Akachi Ezinihitte LGA
    759. Sir stan Dioka, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    760. Dr. Clement Iro, Ezinihitte LGA
    761. Arc. Dom Ibeh,Ezinihitte LGA
    762. Obie Bob Onwuliri, Ahiazu LGA
    763. Okey Onuoha, Ezinihitte LGA
    764. Eucharia Olekibe, Ahazu LGA
    765. Dichie Okie, Ahiazu LGA
    766. Obinna Egbule, Ezinihitte LGA
    767. Ogu Clementina Adaure, Ahiazu LGA
    768. Johnny Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    769. Kanayo O. Kanayo, Ezinihitte LGA
    770. Mr Pat O. Ahuchaogu, Ezinihitte LGA
    771. Ogbonna Bruno, Ahiazu LGA
    772. Jude Ogbonna James Mbazuigwe, Ezinihitte LGA
    773. Barr. Rommy Anyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    774. Oguh Marcel Ifeanyi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    775. Bellarmine Agwaranze, Ahiazu LGA
    776. Ayim D.C James, Ezinihitte LGA
    777. Opara Izuchukwu, Ahiazu LGA
    778. Chidera Ndiulo, Ezinihitte LGA
    779. Nwokocha Titus, Ezinihitte LGA
    780. Ndu Osinachi, Ahiazu LGA
    781. Chukwu Johnson, Ahiazu LGA
    782. Mbawuotu Chinasa, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    783. Odom Nnadozie, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    784. Jay-Jay Chileke, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    785. Enyeribe Damian, Ahiazu LGA
    786. Obichere Emmanuel, Ahiazu LGA
    787. Emebiri Somtochukwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    788. Christian Chiwe, Ezinihitte LGA
    789. Iwuji Blessing, Ezinihitte LGA
    790. Obioma Opara, Ahiazu LGA
    791. Madu Kelechi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    792. Madu Ifeanyi, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    793. Diala Chimaobi, Ahiazu LGA
    794. Diala Chukwuemeka. Ahiazu LGA
    795. Eugene Osuagwu, Ezinihitte LGA
    796. Dr. Desmond Orji, Ezinihitte LGA
    797. Chief Sir Ebube Ebere Nna, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    798. Arc. Ezechukwu ndulaka, Ahiazu LGA
    799. Pst. Michael Umunna, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    800. Dr. Nkiruka Ogbonna-Ejekalam, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    801. Otitochi Festus E. Ezinihitte LGA
    802. Mrs Bridget Asomugha, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    803. Chief Don Bruno Njoku, Ahiazu LGA
    804. Dr. Jude Iwuchukwu, Aboh Mbaise LGA
    805. Mr Kingsley Mmegwa, Ahiazu LGA
    806. Sir Fabian Ekeanyanwu, Ahiazu LGA
    807. Oparaji Jude, Ahiazu LGA
    808. Sebastine Obasi, Ahiazu LGA
    809. Chief Joe Nwogu, Aboh Mbaise L.G.A
    810. Mrs. Josephine Okonkwo, Ahiazu LGA
    811. Dr. Mike Nwaneri from Ahiazu LGA
    812. Engr Udoka Chukwuemeka Nwogu, Ezinihitte LGA.
    813. Nwokocha Nkechi, Ezinihitte LGA
    814. Onyemaechi Ukaegbu Esq, Ezinihitte LGA
    815. Akalonu Chinasa, Ahiazu LGA
    816. Pastor Ben Dibia, Ahiazu LGA
    817. Canice Ibe, Ahiazu L G A
    818. Pastor Anayo Iwuh, Ezinihitte LGA

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