Save Us From Amokpo People, Youths Of Obinagu Amangwu Beg Gov Ugwuanyi

Save Us From Amokpo People, Youths Of Obinagu Amangwu Beg Gov Ugwuanyi

Save Us From Amokpo People, Youths Of Obinagu Amangwu Beg Gov Ugwuanyi

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Mr Friday Oko, chairman, Obinagu Amangwu Community Youths in Enugu

East Local Government Area of Enugu State, yesterday appealed to

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to come to their rescue from oppressions

meted to them by Amokpo community.


Oko told newsmen in Enugu that, “We beg Gov Ugwuanyi to give us an

autonomous community to save us from annihilation attempts by Amokpo

people. We are tired of this oppression. They have destroyed our

farmlands and homes. We are optimistic that Gov Ugwuanyi will come to

our rescue. We are being dehumanized. Also we want a polling unit. We

have no access to PVCs registration. We have no social amenities, such

as good roads, electricity, hospitals and schools.”


Another native of the community, Raphael Ngwu, said, “In the olden

days, we lived together with Amokpo people. They are the majority. So

they began to maltreat us by denying us our rights, such as burial

rites. They claim we are strangers. Our people resolved and relocated

to a neutral area, across Iyioku, for our freedom.


“The trouble started when lands were being sold. Amokpo sold all their

lands and began to sell our own. They are more powerful because they

get political appointments and have people in power. They trickily

came and began to preach that we are one. Later they brought

caterpillars and began to sell our lands. They destroyed our farmlands

and economic trees. We are being annihilated. They rejected us and we

are better off staying as we are. We are not the same. The matter is

in the court and despite that, they are still destroying our economic

trees and intimidating our people.”


Barr CJS Okereke, a lawyer, described the action of Amokpo people as



“The action is completely against the constitution of the Federal

Republic of Nigeria. Chapter 4 of the 1999 Constitution, Section 33,

guarantees the right to life for Obinagu Amangwu people. The

activities of the Amokpo people are absurd. That a leadership of

Amokpo people should raise a militia to invade a community, rape

people, destroy their sources of livelihood, kill their animals,

torture some, especially Jude Ede and Benard Okoh, who were brutally

dehumanized, is a call for anarchy. That prompted our intervention.

Amokpo people should not deprive their rights. They want to wipe them

away because of land sales. But those who are buying them should

investigate the legitimate owners. Obinagu Amangwu people are entitled

to freedom from discrimination. There is a suit No E/105/2016 in

court. They have joined issues, although the judge retired. It is for

the matter to be assigned to another judge. That does not give them

rights to put laws into their hands. I advise they go back to courts

to seek their legal redress. Whoever is dissatisfied can appeal.”

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