James Bawa Magaji

James Bawa Magaji

Kaduna State Chapter of Labour Party (LP) has presented a former Deputy Governor, James Bawa Magaji as their sole candidate for the 2015 gubernatorial election.


Speaking during the official presentation of the flag to Magaji, Labour Party State Chairman  Barr Bello M Magaji said the party has so much confident that they will win the 2015 governorship election with Magaji on the saddle.


Bello said the people of Kaduna State should not sell their votes adding that the voters must be wise to ensure the victory of Labour Party in 2015.


“Kaduna as the former centre of Northern Nigeria has lost its prestige because some new states has gone pass us.


“Kaduna state government house will be occupied by Labour Party and we will name it Labour House. We have the believe that with James Bawa Magaji as governor of Kaduna State, Labour Party would provide free health care services, free education and workers will be properly taking care of. We are asking the people of kaduna state to vote for Labour Party and the candidate we have presented,” Bello said.


Labour Party governorship candidate, James Bawa Magaji said if he emerged governor of Kaduna State, education, health, and welfare of the people will be his priority.


Magaji said even though government institutions have collapse in Kaduna State including frequent protest by  Medical Student of Kaduna State University over non-accreditation of their course, added that his government will not pay lip service on education.


“No pension, gratuity will be delayed. Closed companies and roads that have collapse will be taken care of. Agriculture which have been neglected will received a boost through the provision of fertilisers and seedlings free,” Magaji added.


The Labour Party candidate who said he will institute a special programme that will cater for the elderly in the state, said they are out to fight indolence, incompetent and corruption.


He said manipulation of religion, and ethnicity will be a thing of the past adding that he will build an egalitarian state where all will see themselves as one.


“Kaduna State civil servants are the least paid in Nigeria. We will review the salaries of civil servants and ensure a strike free. Security will be paramount. We will create a ministry for Primary education, establish another University, build General and Public Library in all the headquarters of the 23 LGA. These and many others we will do for the good of the youth and the entire people of Kaduna State,” Magaji said.

One Comment to: Labour Party Present James Bawa Magaji As Kaduna Guber Candidate

  1. November 4th, 2014

    new politics of the southern Kadunas. Regional/Religion as it were, “we in southern kaduna endorse Jonathan but we did not support any tenur alongation of governor”. voice from a prominent politician in southern kaduna, now we can see clearly to what direction the wind set to blow. Very unhiden direction with the emergence of Brr James Bawa Magaji and LP as sole candidate.