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Kano’s political saga and the consequences (1)  – By Umar Usman Duguri



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Since the declaration of Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of Kano state, the politics of the state swerve to another direction which is breeding the unexpected and the expected. Depends on which angle the populace or individual is perceiving it.
The Governor of Kano state now is redefining politics, game plan, vision and agenda of his New Nigerian people’s party in Kano state that beat the then incumbent ruling APC of Ganduje who by many yardstick left a legacies in the state combining the good, the bad and the ugly which is normal of a human being to err but not perfect, especially in Nigeria where politicians got crazy when in power especially when taking decision that has vast impact or effect to the gullible.
From demolition of properties, chain of shops and stores to destructions of other legacy projects of previous administrations to a more drama-like saga of emir ship position which result to a negative historical two emirs each parading himself as substantive ruler of kano kingdom.
With the recent ruling in favor of His royal highness Aminu Ado Bayero a court of law against request of Kano state government for his arrest and other rights of his constitutional prerogative. While, His Royal highness Sanusi lamido, was reinstated by Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf, keeps padding himself as the only emir of Kano state after a hurry legislative maneuver that favored him in the best interest of the government of NNNPP of the state with taking much time for hearing and other preparations from either the general public or the senior stake holders of the state on his dream-turned reality of returning to the Gidan Dabo for the second time after his dethronement by Ganduje about Five years ago. In contrast, posterity would be fair to His Excellency Ganduje for taken time and for following almost every lawful step before banishing Sanusi when he was the governor of the state. It would be recall, a query letter was sent to the emir on several issues including the details of the emirates account, liabilities inherited several warnings before his final vanishing from the state.
In contrast, Governor Abba worked for removal of a respected Aminu Ado Bayero, within two days plus a fire brigade approached of Emir Sunusi’s reinstatement which reopen the political tussle between Governor Abba and the incumbent APC National chairman Ganduje, whose decision was lawful taken before the removing the governor and warmly applauded for swearing Emir Aminu Ado Bayero for his decency, charisma, and maturity in maintaining the pedigree of his great grand fathers who talk less and doesn’t interfere in matter that didn’t concern him or the traditional institution.
Today, with both Emir Aminu Ado Bayero and Sanusi Lamido Sunusi claiming to the emir of only Kano state with numerous court order each claiming to stand on its interpretation including the state Government who is with Sunusi for now, is poising a setback in discharging the functions of the institution that include bringing people closer to their ruler, prompt response in case of eventuality and separation of power for good.
Emir Aminu Ado Bayero, is seen as a true leader who is passionate for the development of traditional institution in Kano, he has on numerous occasions encouraged people to law abiding and be respectful to the executive arm of government, legislative, he talks when it deemed and would be in favor of his followers. He has never for a single day tried to join hands with the politicians for any personal gain, even his emergence which was carefully selected by the kingmakers of the state four years back was an act of God.
If Sunusi, succeeds in usurping power from His Highness Aminu Bayero, because of the support he is receiving from the Governor Abba, does he have the guarantee of maintaining the seat of royalty till death? What if next election that’s three years away from now the incumbent governor lost? The biggest consequences of the political in tussle kano that produces two emirs at same town would stop investors globally from coming to state for any tie or collateral. Should the position be political now? The kano Emirate council represents the entire north for numerous historical reasons and adherent to the cultural heritage of the people and Islam in the state that has history of decency and its commercial potential that make it a hub for everyone. With the called by respected global Islamic scholar Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, through his khalifa Alhaji Shehu, for the governor of kano to respect rule of law in dealing with the emir ship saga, since it is the court of law that affirmed the governor’s victory, therefore, he advised the government to be caution for betterment of the state.
Another, consequence of political saga in kano is the friction between the Ganduje and the Kwankwasiya which lead to the destruction of numerous capital projects executed that was done by public fund and it yet erected with same public funds while some are in court claiming damages while others have already won in court against the government.
With Ganduje now as national chairman of the ruling APC at the federal level and the Kwankwasiya with only a state and in Nigeria, mocking each other for political reasons is doing harm to the people of the state than good, because, Ganduje cannot in anywhere support anything that would be done in the state even, if has something to initiates, the kwankwasiya movement of Governor Abba wont accept it for political differences or he may not even be allowed to enter the state the way he stops Kwankwaso from entering Kano state when he was a senator throughout his stay at the national assembly. Therefore, Kwankwaso spent his years at the upper legislature without doing much to his people because he was forcefully block from entering the constituency he represents. Now, with the reopening of alleged dollar bribe scandal case by Governor Abba against Ganduje, more wound has been touched and it will be touch and torture it something of interest is hits.
Additional impetus, the like of deputy senate president Jibrin Barau and Ado Doguwa of the APC aren’t in good term with the state government and each of them have are key players in the state, but, political and party difference may hinder them from adjoining force to move the state forward.

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To be continue……

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