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The Irony Of Pretense And Hypocrisy – By Bello Muktar



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“Some people brag about standing for something so hard and so much, that they do not realize that they are actually sitting.”
                  – Anonymous
How ironic, the late Dora Okunyili was discovered by former President Buhari upon her returning to the PTF the remainder of medical fees allocated to her to travel abroad for a certain health issue. Buhari was super impressed by her squeaky clean steadfastness and lack of greed.
If Dora were to be alive today and observed the kind of dirt being unearthed against the government of the same Buhari she believed to be taint free, I believe she will die a thousand times over. Lack of corruption is never measured by how many times one stands and calls his nation corrupt. Any one who thinks he is holier than the rest deludes himself. Buhari is such an individual.
We witnessed such insults upon our country under Buhari who embarrassed Nigeria and Nigerians internationally by casting the whole country and its people as corrupt and lazy for eight excruciating years.
How could a President commission an uncompleted petroleum refinery which is claimed to be owned by an individual only for us to learn where the money for the project came from? However, the icing on the cake is, the same person; the so called owner of this “largest petroleum refinery in the world” was awarded a liscense to import refined petroleum products? The same feat his mega structure was to produce 600,000 barrels of daily! How could a President superintend a government that had a cabinet minister openly admit to having amassed wealth from our commonwealth and to worsen the situation, the same person chartered an aircraft belonging to another African country pasted some stickers which read “Air Nigeria”! We saw the plane leave Nigeria back to its country the next day. Most annoying of this last act is the fact that the man is said to be an aviation expert, if he’s an expert as he claims, did he forget that every single aircraft on this planet can be pointed to an accuracy of a pin drop? That African country sacked the man responsible for that act while here at home, the perpetrator lobbied to be retained as minister in the new government. Though he has now lowered the bar and is seeking for an ambassadorial position along with many other failed ministers of former President Buhari.
Lest we forget, it was under the same Buhari that a minister claimed to have fed children while they were locked at home during a detention called COVID Lockdown! That same President drove along the Kaduna/Abuja Expressway which he knew to have had loads of potholes and later became synonymous to banditry. The same Expressway that the same President promised was to be renovated by Julius Berger Plc and be completed by 2019. That same road project alleged to have been paid for, twice ia still about 45 to 50% complete.
Please feel free to add your favourite  corruption dishes served upon Nigerians by the Buhari administration. You can use, as a yardstick, the 29 trillion Emefiele and certain criminals robbed Nigerians of. A lot of Nigerians thought Honourable Gudaji Kazaure was crazy when he was mentioning such humongous amounts as being stolen from the CBN by Buhari’s cronies. Now we know better as Nigerians now know why Etisalat is called by a different name today and a certain bank is now owned by a few people who didn’t spend a penny of their’s to acquire.
What I believe the President should do is to foreclose on the refinery, those banks and telecom service providers in question and simply hand them over to the government as they are owned 100% by Nigerians. This is not mentioning the DSDP ventured by one of Buhari’s aides and some small time filling station operators. How petty a government that sold appointment letters!
It was rumoured that  Buhari was to be turbaned as Bayajiddan Daura. If they’d take my advise, I’d rather they turban him as “Baya Jidon Daura” which could translate to “He-Doesn’t-Amass-By-Himself Of Daura”. If you don’t understand what I mean, let me state it in clear terms. Money was stolen on his behalf.
There is no way one would tell me Buhari never knew that money was being carted away from our coffers. Before one of his worshippers comes and lectures me; please remember this; the DG of the Nigerian Department of State Services briefed the former President on what was going on in the CBN but the former top boss simply had a private meeting with the former CBN Governor. To this day, no one knows what they spoke about. All we noticed was, the CBN Governor traveled out of the country as soon as he left the Villa, I believe on the same day!
Should that not be sufficient or adequate proof, we may remember the then national chairman of the APC, who is currently a Senator, Adams Oshiomole also ran out of the country after having messed the party up by making it APC Plc. He couldn’t have left the country without the Preaident’s blessings especially as it was a few days to the general elections of 2019. This was unheard of!
Like Dora Akunyuli, many people left this world with the notion and firm belief that Buhari was saintly. At least we survived to see the sheep’s clothing which exposed the wolf! From the crocodile tears at A-Class Park, the claim of being a machismo of sorts when he responded to a journalist in Kano with a wave of his hand while saying, “what is Boko Haram?” To his famous question, “who is subsidizing who?” Only to continue to pay fuel subsidy and wickedly made it end just a day after he was to leave office so that President Tinubu is blamed for it etc.
Dear Dora, even in death I will dish out these Ds for you. Disaster, distress, devaluation, and destruction of infrastructure and brazen kidnappings devastated droves of Nigerians to darn destitution.
I am not holier than you, you are not holier than me. At least we now know those who claim to be pure. We are actually stainless as steel while they are rusty as the Ajaokuta Steel Rolling Mill.

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